“I am delighted to provide this letter of reference for Western Interior Design.

Our condominium corporation, Regents Park, has the distinct pleasure of retaining Western Interior Design Group for consultation, upgrades and project management during the renovation of our common area spaces. This relationship continues to this day. Our corporation is comprised of better than 200 individual owners and residents with diverse tastes who, with the talent and effort of Western Interiors, have realized an updated environment that is pleasing to all, timely and cost effective. We have found the design staff at Western Interiors to be professional, open and responsive to a number of diverse ideas and able to resolve pleasantly and efficiently any concerns our residents may have had.

Western Interior Design is, of course, competent, professional and attentive to the needs and concerns of the client. Add to this the fact that they are caring,

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How to Design an Exterior Entry With Planters

Your exterior entry greets your visitors and affects the overall look of your home. Landscaping the entryway adds visual interest and helps draw attention to the front door, guiding guests right into your home. Potted plants offer a portable way to add color to the front of your home. The choice of plants and containers is key in designing an attractive and durable landscaping display. With a little research and an eye for balance, your new entryway planters spruce up your home’s exterior.

Monitor the amount of sunlight and shade in the area where you want to place the planters. Use this information to choose plants that will grow well under those conditions. For example, if a covered entryway creates a shady environment, stick with flowers like impatiens and begonias that thrive well in the shade.

Cross the street to get a view of the house from a distance. The

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Effective Living Room Layouts for your Fireplace and TV

A typical living room layout has comfy sofas to relax in, center and side tables for your accessories and stuffs, a fireplace to keep you warm, and an entertainment area with a television to bring you fun and enjoyment. Arrangement of fireplace and TV may be challenging though so we put up a list for you on how to do it.

Symmetrical living room layout fireplace and TV.living room layout fireplace and TV 1living room layout fireplace and TV 1-1

Project a balanced and peaceful look in your living room by having a TV over Fireplace set-up with a symmetrical arrangement of furniture for an easy flow of traffic. Having this set-up makes the fireplace and TV the focal point of the room and this also makes it easily accessible for everyone.

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See also: 12 Incredible Solutions for TV over Fireplace Ideas

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Varied walls for a fireplace and TV layout.living room layout fireplace and TV 2living room layout fireplace and TV 2-2

Create two interesting spots in your

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10 Interior Design Trends to Watch for 2020

Each and every year brings new trends, new ideas and new techniques for the home, and while many elements of décor will never go out of style, interior design trends come and go.

Whether you’re a trendsetter or follower, you can’t deny the impact trends have on our decorating decisions at home.

As we move closer towards 2020, we can’t help but wonder about the next interior trends to dominate in the year ahead. Here, Australia’s top interior experts tell us their predictions.

Peek inside an interior designer’s home:

1. Wall panelling

Kate Lawrence, interior designer and founder of Kate Lawrence Interiors, predicts the current popularity of wall panelling will soar to new heights in 2020.

“Whilst already present in 2019, wall panelling is a trend that will remain strong right through 2020 and beyond,” she says. “It is an affordable design solution that gives a space ‘wow-factor’, but doesn’t

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10 Tips for Styling Large Living Rooms {& Other Awkward Spaces}

10 Tips for Styling Large Living Rooms {& Other Awkward Spaces}House & Home

After recently sharing my tips for styling a small living room, I received a few requests for tips dealing with a larger living rooms! While small living rooms have their own challenges due to their limited space, bigger living areas present their own set of issues. Bigger than average rooms can be wonderful for entertaining, but not as cozy or even functional for day to day living.

So how can you make the best of a large living room? Even if your room is not huge, it can be difficult to furnish if it is awkwardly shaped or connected to another space in some way, so these tips or inspiration photos might apply to a variety of sizes and shapes of rooms or great rooms!

Today I’m sharing 10 of my favorite tips for styling a bigger living room!

10 Tips for Styling Large Living Rooms {& Other Awkward Spaces}Sarah Richardson

1. Designate zones.

In a

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Boston coronavirus work from home tips

The coronavirus pandemic has most of us using our homes as one-stop shops for work and play — whether these spaces seem equipped to serve both purposes or not.

The Track checked in with Boston designer Taniya Nayak, whose aesthetic expertise can be seen on shows like the Food Network’s “Restaurant: Impossible” and ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight,” and she shared her tips on how to make our quarantine quarters work while we’re WFH.

Detach yourself, if possible

“If you’re lucky enough to have a screened-in porch or garage, that’s the perfect place to set up shop because you can get away from everything. You can actually feel like you’re going to work and when you’re done, you walk back in and it’s out of sight. I think one of the toughest things for anyone who works from home is that it’s really hard to set

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Spring Decorating Ideas for the Family Room

As spring symbolizes new beginnings and a fresh start, there’s no better time to clean, organize, and redecorate the home.

Maybe it’s because it’s warm enough to open windows again, or perhaps it’s the days becoming longer than the nights, but spring is a good time for change.

Family Room
Remodel by Case Design

Redecorating gives households a chance to make a big change without undergoing a major remodeling or home improvement project. Sometimes a new look is all it takes to create a new room, and it can often be done without changing any major elements of infrastructure or design. The family room is a good place to start. A family room is constantly changing, just like the seasons. It’s a room that welcomes new family members, visitors, and friends, while adapting to the tastes, habits, and needs of a constantly changing household. Sometimes a little bit of redecorating can push

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How To Decorate An Apartment, According To A “Design Psychologist”

In these unprecedented times, the concept of “home” has never been more important. Not only are we spending nearly 100 percent of our time indoors, but we’re also grappling with heightened anxiety, stress, and uncertainty. Fortunately, we have some control over how our homes make us feel. With a bit of rearranging and perhaps a coat of leftover paint, we have the ability to decorate our apartments or homes in such a way that can change the general atmosphere and possibly even our moods.

That’s according to Amber Dunford, the lead stylist at home goods retailer Overstock, who also happens to hold a master’s degree in psychology. Dunford is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to “design psychology,” or arranging your home for optimal mental health. Her tips (as well as some scientific research) can help make your living space an oasis of tranquility and productivity.

Whether you’ve been

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San Interior Design

Sanchali Srivastava is an Award winning Designer. She is a Certified Interior Designer (CID #6360) and also a Certified Professional (CKD) by the National Kitchen & Bath Association. Besides Interior Design Credentials she has a Bachelor of Architecture Degree (B.Arch). Her background in Architecture adds to her capacity to design additions and new construction projects besides remodels. Sanchali has won various national & local Design awards. Her projects have been published in various local & National Industry Magazines and have also been featured on National NKBA’s website.

Sanchali has been on the NKBA Northern California Chapter’s Board since 2008. Currently she serves the position of VP of Academic Relations.

She has spoken at many local colleges and helps mentor and motivate students. She has also judged many National & local Design Competitions.

ontact Us
San interior Design

Principal:     Sanchali Srivastava, CID, CKD
                        Certified Interior Designer #6360
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Top 4 Stylish Trends and Ideas For Living Room 2020 (40 Photos)

Living room 2020 wonders with new interpretations! Bold colors combine with finest taste, styles mixing, textures appear in unexpected places, functionality growth and becomes beautiful – no element without self-expression.

Colors remind picturesque landscapes and all details work for their common cause – your comfort and aesthetique pleasure. Materials tend to naturalness and safety for health.

Living room designs 2020 combine flowing and some cubistic graphical lines simultaneously – just like it meets in nature! Crystals coexist with smooth stones’ and rivers’ lines.

Living-room-2020-interior-design-2020-living-room-designs-2020-Living room 2020

Interior trends 2020 concentrate here!

And you’re welcomed to get trendy living room 2020 just refitting room’s small part! Read our «Living room 2020: Stylish trends and ideas for living room design in 2020» to inspire.

Living room designs 2020: Colors

All details become alive with colors in interior design trends 2020.

  • Think of tables’, armchairs’, door handles’ shades – how they work with whole ensemble? Often
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