Day: March 21, 2020

Welcome to Interior Design – Santa Barbara City College

Two female students in a computer aided design lab

Interior design focuses on the creation of interior environments that are both functional
and pleasing. The field offers a variety of employment opportunities with interior
design and architectural firms, kitchen and bath design studios, as well as with interior
materials and furniture stores. A combination of education, work experience and passing
the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) exam is required for
interior design professionals.

The SBCC Interior Design Program, offered within the Drafting CAD Department, provides
comprehensive training for entry-level interior design positions. It is a vocational
program, not a transfer program. Certificated, professionally experienced instructors
teach all courses.

Successful completion of each Interior Design(ID) course earns full college credit.
Students who complete the required Interior Design, Art, Art History and Drafting
courses and controlled electives earn a Certificate of Achievement in Interior Design.
Those who also complete institutional and General Education course requirements earn
the Associate in

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27+ Modern Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas for Stylish but Simple Look

Farmhouse designs are commonly loved by those who still hold old family tradition strongly. The design will surely shows the style and the character of the house and the tradition held by the owners of the house.

The farmhouse design is not only centered on the interior, but the farmhouse exterior ideas should be part of it as well. When a family carries a modern life style but they still want to preserve the tradition of the family, the farmhouse exterior ideas will be, of course, their ultimate option to keep the tradition alive among the family without living the modern touch.

The farmhouse exterior ideas will usually be presented on the bright colored-siding, tin roofs, barn lightning, and most of the time; it is shown on the rustic touch of woods.

Any materials

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The Most Inviting Living Room Layouts to Try

The living room is one of the most frequently used rooms in your home; it is the gathering spot for conversations, entertainment, and more. To make it comfortable and inviting, we’ll help you determine the best layout for your space with these living room layouts to try.

What to Consider

Traffic Flow: Know how you want people to move around the room. If possible, avoid creating walkways in front of the focal point in the space. Additionally, leave at least three feet of space in high-traffic areas, so that people do not bump into furniture.

Focal Point: Create a focal point if your space is lacking one. Then, arrange your furniture in a U-shape around the focal point to draw attention to it. A focal point can be anything from wall art to a window.

Conversation Areas: The way you position your furniture will determine how people will interact with

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Nursing Home | WBDG – Whole Building Design Guide


Nursing homes serve patients requiring preventive, therapeutic, and rehabilitative nursing care services for non-acute, long-term conditions. Specialized clinical and diagnostic services are obtained outside the nursing home. Most residents are frail and aged, but not bedridden, although often using canes, walkers, or wheelchairs. Stays are relatively long, the majority for life. Nursing homes also care for a smaller percentage of convalescent patients of all ages. These patients are in long-term recovery from acute illnesses, but no longer require hospitalization.

Nursing homes, or sections of them, are often classified into intermediate and skilled nursing units, definitions related to Medicare/Medicaid standards. Intermediate-care facilities have just enough nursing to qualify for Medicaid; skilled nursing facilities meet the more demanding medical standards to qualify for Medicare as well as Medicaid support. The cognitively impaired are frequently housed separately in Alzheimer Related Dementia (ASD) units. See Alzheimer’s Foundation of America Excellence in Care Program

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Maine Event Design & Decor

Call or email us today for a design consultation


Your lighting and event decor designers

Maine Event Design and Decor is an event design company specializing in lighting and fabric designs based out of Brunswick, ME. We join forces with you to custom create your unique style and vision. Whether you are looking for barn style rustic, white elegance, industrial chic or classic ballroom decor, Maine Event takes event design off your shoulders but not out of your hands.

“These ladies were truly amazing! They were perfect from the responses, price, professionalism, and talent! They absolutely made my tent that much better! It made all my tables pop! I was so glad to have them be a part of my wedding day!”


A few of our favorite and trusted venues

French’s Point, ME

Kingsley Pines Camp, ME


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17 Must-Have Home Decorating Apps for Android & iOS

From digital mood boarding to virtual consultation, these interior design apps inspire. They source. They even color swatch, walk you through home renovations and allow you preview objects in 3D augmented reality. We’ve picked 17 of the best home decoration apps on the market right now.

Ever wish you could bottle the colors from an incredible photo or work of art and use them as a palette for a room? Thanks to the technology behind Adobe Color Capture, you can do just that. When you’re out and about and find inspiring color combinations, shapes or patterns, just open up the app and snap away. Before you know it, you’ll have a customizable color scheme, 3D patterns and vector graphics that are compatible with numerous design software programs to help you come up with your next great interior.

Free for iOS and Android

Houzz is, arguably, the mother of all design

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Home Exterior | Home Exterior Tips | Home Exterior Decor

Home Exterior Featured Articles

Exterior Decoration -> Lawn Care Tips
Lawn Care Tips
Timely care and proper maintenance are essential to preserve the beauty of lawn. If you want to enjoy prettiness of nature, you should know about adequate watering, quality of fertilizers, aeration, lawn mowing, scarification etc. Read more Read more  
Exterior Decoration -> Design your Coutyard
Design your Coutyard
Courtyards are wonderful place to create space for sitting and relaxation. Blooming flowers fragrance, blowing wind, plants beauty and outdoor furniture give you a place to enjoy the evening. Read more Read more  
Exterior Decoration -> Garden Path Ideas
Garden Path Ideas
Garden path add elegant touch to exterior beauty of your house. Concrete, tiles, stones, pebbles and brick path offer aesthetic appeal to your garden. Read more Read more  
Exterior Decoration -> Porch Designs
Porch Designs
A porch is really a place to sit, spend some time with family enjoying outdoor beauty. You can choose a porch design that best suits to the exterior of your house. Read more Read more  
Exterior Decoration -> Roof Garden
Roof Garden
A roof garden is a garden
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50 Modern Living Room Ideas for 2020

Instructions: Click through the buttons below to sort by size and style. Click the photo for a larger view.

Add shades of blue to your decor to give your living room a fresh and clean look.

Photo Credit: A House Full of Sunshine

An exposed brick wall is the cornerstone behind every industrial living room design.

Photo Credit: Adam Krauth

Love rich patterns, but don’t want to go overboard? Opt for a statement rug with bold colors.

Photo Credit: Alana Range

If space is an issue, find an airy bookshelf that functions as both a decorative and organizational piece.

Photo Credit: Amelia Tatnall

All decor does not have to match. Add personality to your living room with contrasting colors and patterns.

Photo Credit: Anna Routh

Looking for an easy DIY project? Create a wall collage that showcases artwork you love.

Photo Credit: Art Cream

Create a relaxing and positive atmosphere

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Homes | Australia’s most inspiring houses


Jessica Tremp and Michael Madden share their family’s late modernist home in Victoria’s Macedon Ranges.


Designers Rosie Morley and Rob McNaught have turned a former 1870s pub in Victoria’s Hepburn Shire into a sophisticated, contemporary Victor…


This Merricks North abode of Alex McCabe (one half of Kip&Co) is nestled among an abundance of pinot gris vines!


A humble timber church in Lyonville adds a new chapter to its rich history.

Family Homes

In nutritionist and meditation teacher Briony Goldsmith’s balanced home, all the energies align!


Lisa Hodge lives in this Macedon rental property, after making the tree change from Melbourne six years ago.


Inside the sensational home of Rosalind Willett – a 1960s St Kilda apartment, renovated with panache by Wowowa Architects!


Therese Carrodus of Full Of Grace transforms her 1880s South Yarra home from ‘daggy’ to designer!


Treechangers Shelley and Tom

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Exterior Home Design Trends by Region

East Coast Home Trend

What’s hot in home improvement and home design this year depends on where you live.

From lighter colored roofing out West and richer colors in the South to beach-inspired design in coastal areas, the varying climates and styles of the United States influence the design elements homeowners choose for their homes. Even the style of the home itself can vary by region.

What’s on trend where you live? Hover over the icons on the photo below to learn what home improvement trends are cropping up in your part of the country.

The East Coast

In coastal communities like Miami, it’s all about the beach lifestyle. Exterior features include outdoor showers, plunge pools, shady porches and verandas all designed to create the feel of a day at the beach for family and friends. More importantly, though, is protection from hurricanes in areas along the Gulf Coast and up the Eastern seaboard.

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