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How do I study the courses on

There are a number of different study methods available on While many of our course providers host their courses online, we have a large selection of classroom courses, as well as courses that are a blend of both online and classroom study methods.

What qualifications are available on

On you can find a wide range of qualifications through reputable course providers. Popular options include AAT courses, which offer an accredited route into accounting, or CIPD courses, which qualify you to work in HR.

Does have courses for free?

Yes, has a variety of free courses, in subjects such as administration, business and English as a foreign language. These free courses are a great way to explore a subject you’re interested in – without a financial commitment. You can find them by visiting the Free page.


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Interior Design Explained

Smart Mudroom Ideas

Whether your mudroom is a separate or multifunctional area, organize it in the most functional way to keep your home clean and tidy.

Smart Mudroom Ideas

Friday, the 20th of March 2020 in Rooms. Tags: mudroom
Sustainable Interior Design

Follow a sustainable approach in interior design and green architecture to support resource efficiency and make your home environmentally-friendly,

using organic materials, products, wall art, and aesthetic details.

Sustainable Interior Design

Tuesday, the 25th of February 2020 in Lifestyle, House. Tags: sustainability
Patio Décor

Looking for fresh patio décor ideas? Liven up your yard with quality furniture sets, a pool, gazebo, and fireplace (or fire pit) to make your patio both stylish and a relaxing space!

Patio Décor

Saturday, the 1st of February 2020 in House. Tags: patio
Awesome Dining Room Décor Ideas

Find tasteful dining room décor ideas for formal and informal casual spaces! Pay attention to dining room furniture, accessories, styles, and colorful

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VanBrouck & Associates – Luxury Residential Design

One of the design strengths of the firm is interpreting the challenging topography of mountain building sites, and creating stunning mountain homes that respond to their environment. These homes are designed to capture the most magnificent views, while creating a residence that embraces the outdoor lifestyle of mountain living.

Whether the mountain home is a primary residence, a vacation ski lodge, or a mountain retreat – a primary consideration is integrating the architecture with the beauty of the surrounding landscape, and designing interior spaces which fluidly interact with exterior spaces to create a connection with nature.

Expansive, beautifully designed glass doors and windows open rooms to the mountain views and allow natural light to flood into interior spaces. Screened-in porches, covered porches, terraces, and balconies are integrated into the mountain home designs to extend the interior living spaces to the outdoors and create places to relax and entertain. 

The firm

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Diana Johnson – Interior Design – Interior Decorating – Space Planning – Architectural Detailing

Diana Johnson Interior Design
Diana Johnson

If you are a person who values attention to detail, who enjoys a collaborative design process, and who cares about your home environment – we would like to talk with you. We are Fifth Wall Design Group, a full-service interior design firm specializing in quality residential projects of varying sizes and complexity. Our scope of work ranges from complete project management of new construction or remodels to hourly consultations on color and furniture arrangements – a full design resource.

Why hire us? First, we have a long list of happy clients who would love to share their stories with you. Give us the word, and we will gladly provide you with their names to support our claims. Second, we think differently than normal decorators or designers – juxtaposing our artist eye for color, texture, and light with our technical designer mind – forever reminding us of

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Microbial Home by Philips Design

Dutch Design Week 2011: Philips Design in Eindhoven present a conceptual self-sufficient  home that converts sewage and rubbish into power. 

Microbial Home by Philips Design

The Microbial Home would function as a biological machine, using the waste from one area of the home to power another and creating a cyclical ecosystem.

Microbial Home by Philips Design

A bio-digester kitchen island would break down solid bathroom waste and vegetable peelings into methane, while plastic packaging would be broken down by fungus.

Microbial Home by Philips Design

Fresh food would be stored in an evaporative cooler and part of the dining table, while honey could be harvested from an urban beehive.

Microbial Home by Philips Design

Five models of the system are on show at Piet Hein Eek’s gallery as part of Dutch Design Week, which continues until 30 October. You can see all our coverage of the event here.

Microbial Home by Philips Design

Previous Philips Design Probes feature tableware that glows when food is placed on it and a machine that prints food.

Microbial Home by Philips Design

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Design South Builders

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4 Trends in Home-Office Design

12 min read

This story appears in the
August 2015

issue of
Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

No longer consigned to the basement or unused nook, the home office has emerged as one of the most important residential amenities, thanks to an uptick in both self-employment and flexible working trends. 

“The home office comes up all the time—it’s on par with programming the kitchen and dining room,” says David Dowell, a principal at Kansas City, Mo., architecture firm El Dorado Inc. “It’s in the top three things we design.”

Whether they’re working for themselves or others, some 25 million Americans are calling home “the office” at least one day a week. Among them, 2.8 million self-employed people consider home their primary place of work, according to consultancy Global Workplace Analytics.

With the number of at-home workers on the rise—the population grew 29.4 percent from 2005 to 2012—the need

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9 Types of Design Jobs for Creative People

smiling woman surrounded by colorful confetti

Your love of color, artistic eye and impeccable sense of style cause people to label you a creative person—and you wear that label proudly. You embrace it as you enjoy expressing your originality and making things visually appealing.

But what if we told you there was a way to exercise your creativity full time instead of just on the side? Better yet, what if you could get paid to be creative on a daily basis? The truth is there’s a wide array of design careers where people just like you can thrive.

We identified nine types of design jobs that are perfectly suited for creative people. Below is a brief breakdown of each position based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.1 Take a look and see which creative careers interest you most.

9 Creative careers in the design field

Great news for all you creative folks—there

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Pattern – Learning the Basics

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Bunglow Design- 3D Architectural Rendering Services – 3D Architectural Visualization



3D power visualization provides you elevation designing services for your dream home in the form of
photorealistic images, we call it 3D views with different image formats as per the client’s requirement. It
can be a bungalow, villa, farm house, twin bungalow, row house, etc. Our clients testimony says that we
have achieved mastery in elevations for all type of themes like Modern,ultramodren,Contemporary,
Roman, Indian Traditional, Rajasthani, Roofing/sloping, Palatial, European, etc. 3D Power focuses in
making our customer successful with wow factor in every project with its best architectural rendering

3D rendering helps you to visualize your dream home before it is actually constructed which in turn saves
your time, money and gives you option to change, edit, enhance the unwanted areas and its aesthetics.

3D views or 3d renderings can be visualized in 3d day view, 3d night view, 3d

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