Adding Stone for Your House Exterior Design

Stone houses look gorgeous, they are like palaces the history of the past. Here we presents to you some pictures of beautiful stone exterior house designs, small residences or gorgeous cottages, they all look stunning.

Exterior House Design with Decor Stone

Exterior Home Design Stone

Exterior Home Design Stone

The exterior of a house is the most crucial feature. Not only to beautify your house but is also a reflect of the owner’s social status, lifestyle, and personal taste. This is why it is important to select the right architectural stone design, types of exterior house stone and building materials when renovating an existing structure or constructing a new home.

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Exterior Home Colors with Stone

Exterior Home Colors with Stone

Exterior Paint Colors That Go with Stone

Exterior Paint Colors That Go with Stone

Exterior Home Design with Stone

Exterior Home Design with Stone

Manufactured stone, also pupular as “decorative stone veneer” or “faux stone,” is the flawless cladding material broadly

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50 Craft Room Organization Ideas

Wishing your craft room looked like all the gorgeous ones you see on Pinterest? I was, too, but my crafting supplies seem to have taken over the entire room and may soon encompass my entire house if I do not soon find a solution. Not everyone needs the same craft room organizing solution, since we all have our different DIY specialties. If you sew, then your problem is likely too many spools of thread or fabric scraps or buckets of random sewing notions. If you paint, then you may have piles or paint tubes, brushes, and 50 different shades of reds and blues that need sorting. Or, if you are like me, and you love woodworking, sewing, painting, decoupage, paper crafts and every other type of DIY under the sun, then you need a variety of organizing solutions (to say the least!) Most of these projects are inexpensive, too, and

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Long & Narrow Living Room Design Ideas & Layouts

Long and narrow living room ideas are sometimes in short supply. It’s a layout that’s probably the trickiest of all, because of two big conundrums – how do you fit all of your furniture and accessories in so that it does everything you need, and how do you stop it from feeling claustrophobic and difficult to manoeuvre around? But just know that it is possible! These long and narrow living room ideas should help you rise to the challenge of this configuration so that it rivals more coveted rectangle living room designs.

Long & Narrow Living Room Layout Ideas

Whether you have already chosen the furniture or not, knowing how and where to place every piece can be the hardest aspect of designing a narrow living room.

Define zones

This is true for any shape of living room, but long lounge ideas really do start with establishing different pockets of

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Media Room Furniture | Theater Sectional

At, we know that creating a unique entertainment environment at home can be a challenge. To make life easier, we offer many different styles, sizes, and designs of home theater sectional sofa furniture online. Our impressive home theater couch selection includes products from leading manufacturers, which will help make it easier to find the perfect style and design to meet your needs. While visiting our site, simply select from our wide range of home theater sofas or sectionals for the look that will compliment your room.

Ordering the right movie theater couches requires a deep knowledge and understanding of the needs, technology, and space requirements for creating a home room with theater seating. Couch quality and options are also crucial. This is where we excel and consider ourselves the leading experts in North America. We are the ones who pull these entertainment sofas apart and inspect and understand every

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The Design Files | Australia’s most popular design blog.


Georgina Jeffries delivers an unpretentious, minimalist interior for this coastal retreat in Lorne.

Sasha Gattermayr

  15 hours ago


A pair of Australian francophiles bring their love of the French countryside to regional Australia.

Sasha Gattermayr

  23 hours ago


A former Bed & Breakfast in Sydney’s Forest Lodge returned to its former glory as a grand family home, by Carter Williamson.

Studio Visit

How florist Gina Lasker of Georgie Boy has embraced a direct-to-consumer business model to support local flower growers during Covid:19.

Printed Matter

A new book from interiors writer and stylist Natalie Walton tells the story of 20 different slow-living households, and their minimal, beaut…


Inside the North Warrandyte, mid-century home of property stylist Anna Byrnes and family.


Furniture designer James Howe won an international design award one year after entering the industry. And we can see why!


Bent Architecture embraces energy efficiency

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Home Theater Seating – Elite HTS Home Theater Chairs & Cinema Seating

Quality Home Theater Seating

Our home theater seating is hand crafted and built to last, by our 100% Canadian team.

With over a decade of experience designing and building luxurious home cinema seating and bespoke cinema room chairs, Elite HTS take your comfort seriously.

Whether you’re looking for stylish home theater recliners or a cozy and luxuriously comfortable cuddle chair to snuggle up on, Elite HTS has you covered.

We also have a selection of theater couches and sofas that are perfect for group or family film nights, or exclusive limited edition black leather recliners.

You can also design your own double recliner with our custom reclining sofas and recliner couches.

All of our home cinema room chairs are completely customizable, which means you’ll never be stuck choosing something “off the shelf”. With our brand new home theater chair builder tool, you’ll be able to tweak, change and completely mix

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Log Home Designs | Log Home Floor Plans

Whether you’re looking to purchase stock log home plans, designs, or blueprints, or wanting to have a custom log home design created for you, you have come to the right place!

Working with clients and log home builders from many parts of the world, we have created many award winning plans and designs that only come from years of design and hands-on experience.  They all have that wow factor, yet are constructed in an affordable way and construction style to allow the average log home purchaser to build and own their own custom log home.

We have many years of log home design and construction experience that we apply to every log home design project. Both our website designs, and our log home plans catalog can be used to provide you with ready-made blueprints. You can use them as is, or modify the designs and floor plans to suit your

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10 Top Kitchen Diner Design Tips

1. Give Thought to Size and Layout

One of the benefits of building a new house, or extending and/or remodelling an existing home, is that you have more flexibility to decide on the size and shape of your kitchen diner. Ideas include:

  • Large square or rectangular rooms work best when carefully zoned.
  • An L-shape arrangement is another option (and may be readily achieved by extending to the rear and knocking through to an existing reception room). This layout allows a degree of separation between the kitchen and dining space, and often means you’re not in sight of kitchen mess when sitting at the table.

2. Your Lighting Scheme Plays an Important Role

As multi-functional rooms, kitchen diners are arguably one of the most complex spaces to light in the house. A well-designed lighting scheme features layers of light:

  • ambient (general) lighting
  • task lighting (i.e. under-cabinet lighting, introduced to facilitate activities
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How coronavirus could change your office space and remote work from home

If and when you return to your office after the novel coronavirus pandemic, you’ll probably notice some differences.

Upon entering your building, the doors may open automatically so you don’t have to touch the handles. Before you board your elevator, you might tell the elevator where you’d like to go, rather than pressing the many buttons within the elevator. When you reach your floor, you could walk into a room full of dividers and well-spaced desks instead of the crowded open floor plan you’re used to. In common areas like meeting rooms and kitchens, expect to see fewer chairs and posted documentation of the last time they were cleaned.

These are just the changes you can see. Less noticeable in the post-coronavirus office would be more frequent cleaning policies, antimicrobial properties woven into fabrics and materials, amped-up ventilation systems, or even the addition of UV lights for more deeply disinfecting

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The Next Ford F-150 Lariat Interior Looks All Digital With A Few Important Buttons Left

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

I’ve been so busy stumbling over myself in a haze of stokedness over the new Ford Bronco that I forgot that we’re almost due for an F-150 update. Check out this freshly leaked set of pictures, showing what sure looks like the next Ford pickup cab interior. And there’s more to look at than the big swaths of screens.

The pictures, shared today on the forum, seem to show the Lariat trim of a next-gen F-150. We can tell by “Lariat” engraved in a piece of leather and “F-150” on the rubber floormat. For those of you who maybe aren’t big Ford truck followers, Lariat is the low lux spec: Significantly more comfortably appointed than a work truck, not as ornate as a King Ranch or Platinum range-topper.

I only mention this because it’s worth noting there will be both fancier and less-fancy

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