3D Home Design

Discover a Better, Lower Cost, More Effective Way to Plan

a Home with a Highly Respected Home Designer

Never Before Have You Faced Such Challenges of Home Building.  Consider this advice –

The Most Important Part of Building Your Home is a Well Thought-Out Plan

that Prevents Poor Performance!

I point out the ‘Most Important Points’ to keep in mind when planning your home.

My Clients have Saved 10’s of 1000’s of Dollars $$$$.

Let me answer more fully the questions you undoubtedly have when planning your home.


My Art is Moving Your Home Ideas from Your Head onto Comprehensive, Direct, Clear Working Drawings.

You and I translate those ideas to all the collaborative efforts of many people that are needed to create a home.

You want your home construction or remodel to go smooth and trouble free with your contractors, permitting and financial institutions.


The Benefits of Working with a Quality Home Designer

  • Client has Someone that Listens to Them.  Does Not Intimidate Them.
  • Designer is Good at Asking Questions to Pull Information and 
  • Draw Out the Ideas of the Homeowner.  Puts Client at Ease.
  • Gets the Hard Part over First Hand.  
  • Planning Process is the Most Difficult while Making the Contractor’s Job Easier.
  • Client Gets What They Want within Their Budgets.
  • Project Estimates are Apple to Apple Contractor Bids.
  • Eliminate Tension, Stress and Anxiety Levels.
  • Offers Ideas with Space Planning, to Save Money, and Enhance Property Values.
  • Professional, Quality Plans Save You Money.
  • Every One Wins with a Good Plan.

What can 3D Home Design Plans do for you?

  • A Better, Lower Cost, Effective and Valuable Service.3D Home Design Plans
  • Cost Estimate Evaluations
  • Concept and Detail Drawings
  • Thorough Communication of Ideas
  • Custom Home Design on Comprehensive, Direct, Clear, Building Plans.
  • 27 Yrs of Construction Planning and Estimating Experience.
  • Offering Complete Detailed Estimates and Material Takeoffs.
  • Discuss Green Building and Receive a NM Sustainable Building Tax Credit Rebate.  (Green Building is a systems approach to the entire construction process.                      Site selection, energy performance as well as materials considered “green” are important.) 
  • Meet at Your Place or Mine or Cybercafe –  Have LapTop Will Travel.
  • Convenient Locations for Consulation
  • Courteous, Caring, Helpful Advice.  
  • Your Custom Home Deserves All the Individual Attention, 3D Home will Manifest into Your Ideal Home.
  • Conceptual Plans w/ 3D Modeling Makes Changes on the Fly. Proven to Save Time.
  • Make Quicker Decisions and Product Selection Choices Seen Through 3D.
  • 3 Dimensional Offers an Exciting Conceptual Vision-Motivating to Realization-of a Home Sweet Home.
  • Home Owner Can Expect Their Project to have Fewer Cost Over Runs, Fewer Schedule Delays
  •  Enhanced Communications while Anxiety Level will be More Comfortable for Everyone –                    (Home Owner / Builder / Subs / Suppliers)
  • Projects Get Done Faster with Good Working Drawings.
  • Highly Recommended and Reasonable Rates.
  • With Good Quality Plans – Every One Wins !!

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