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Décor and Furnishings

Basement decoration is generally easy thanks to the open space. It is a good idea to begin with a general theme in mind. Do you want a minimalist ultra-contemporary look or a more laid back traditional decor? Do you prefer warm colors or the space-creating effect of neutral hues?

Once you decide the overall style you want, you can go ahead and choose the various colors and decorations you will use. This is easy if you have set up a single room only such as a bedroom. If you have multiple areas set up in the basement, you need to make sure that the décor of each clearly defines it and sets it apart.

In choosing the best décor for the basement, try to create some sense of continuity with the rest of the house. Start by creating an open stairwell leading from the rest of the house. It makes the basement feel open, lighter and connected to your home. Next, make sure that anyone descending the stairwell isn’t jarred by the contrast in décor with the space above. As much as you need to create defining styles for different sections of the basement, ensure there is a flow from the décor above to the one below. Otherwise, your basement is going to feel like some far off disconnected place and not part of your home.

If you have to use a vastly different style from the rest of your home, then create a transitional space that connects the two spaces. The stairwell and the space immediately around can be used to ease the transition to a new environment.

As for the furnishings, the expansiveness is again, your friend. You can afford to set up oversize furniture without worrying about space or movement. Make sure the furnishings blend with the overall style of the basement. As with decorations, you can use furnishings to differentiate separate sections of the basement.


If your basement is going to look modern and clean, storage is essential. Whether you are setting up a bedroom, play area or family room, you are going to need a variety of storage spaces.

To retain the modern minimalist look, we recommend built-in shelves and cabinets. Try to include a wide variety from wall cabinets to pull-out drawers and wall shelves. Make sure that everything is easily accessible. For kids areas, go with low storage options that they can access without needing your help.

If you have special items such as wine bottles or art pieces, you’ll need special types of storage that can protect your precious items while still displaying them properly.

If you need to store big items such as large appliances or bikes, make sure they don’t look messy and cluttered. For things like bikes and Christmas trees, racks will keep things neat.

Be extra careful about wooden storage. If you are going to use it, make sure your basement has no moisture seepage problems. If the risk of damage is high, go with metal and plastic shelving. Additionally, choose non-wood storage for delicate items such as art, clothing and books.

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