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15 Creatively Genius DIY Wood Walls

Sometimes adding just a little something to a room can completely change how it looks. If you’ve wondered about redecorating and want something that makes a big statement but you don’t want to spend a big chunk of your paycheck, we have just the collection for you.
15 Creatively Genius DIY Wood Walls

These 15 themed wood walls are not only easy to DIY, they’re relatively cheap. In fact, some of them may not cost you anything at all. How’s that for frugal?
You can create such stunning looks with all of these and completely change how your bedroom, dining room, living room, or other room looks.
Whether you want to give your home a bit of rustic charm, have a wall that’s in desperate need of a paint job, or you just want something different for your home décor, these walls are the perfect solution. Grab a few pallets or wood leftover from those other

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The Best Home Projectors for 2020

How to Choose the Right Projector

OB Roundup

Which Projector Is Right for Your Home?

Home projectors have come a long way over the past few years. Today’s models can handle a wide variety of multimedia content—films, photos, documents, and games—with aplomb, and many can play music files as well. Although models with resolutions of 720p or less are still being introduced, higher resolutions (from WXGA to FHD) are commonplace, and we’re even seeing a few 4K versions, with horizontal resolutions of nearly 4,000 pixels. Most home projectors offer a wide range of connection choices. With the way the state of the art is advancing, if your den or living room has the right characteristics, your next TV could well be a projector.

Just as no two homes are identical, projectors designed for home use vary widely in price, features, purpose, and capabilities. They range from tiny pico and palmtop

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How to Decorate Your Living Room this 2019 – Interior Decor Trends

How to decorate living room 2019Today I want to share different ideas of How to decorate your living room this 2019, the fashion changes constantly and also in the field of interior decoration. That’s why I want to share ideas for decorating modern living rooms, design tips for small living rooms, we will tell you the best colors for decoration in the living room, photo gallery of living rooms, decoration accessories for living rooms, examples of the latest in decoration trends, such as living room colors, cushions and lamps, how to distribute furniture in living rooms of small houses and many other tips.

If you feel that your living room has already needed a refurbishment, do not hesitate to try any of these incredible ideas for decorating living rooms, I hope you like it very much everything that I share with you because what I’m looking for is to give you options so you can

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Home Plans with Vaulted or Volume Ceilings

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HOUSE PLAN #592-007D-5060

The has 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths.

1344 Sq. Ft.,  Width 36′-0″,  Depth 46′-4″

2-Car Garage

Starting at

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Basement Decorating Ideas for Family Rooms

Huge numbers of basement decorating ideas are very impressing to give you a lot of inspiring methods in transforming useless rooms to something crucial and favorite in a house. Today, having a big living room where homeowners usually welcome their guests is too common to know. It is a good time to get something new in our living space. If a basement is commonly used only for wine cellar or old things storage, why won’t we transform it to a cozy room where people can gather with their family at a certain time every day?

Contemporary Basement Decorating Ideas for Sitting Space on Impressive Hardwood Laminate Flooring

Currently, there is a big range of inspiring basement decorating ideas on a budget to imitate at home. Most of which have comfortable family room where people can get some entertainment with their family. The dark basement image now will be reduced slowly with brighter concept of basement decor. More lightings offer brighter effect inside

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How to Maximize Your Layout

Whether you use your dining area for meals every day, only on special occasions, or hardly at all, the room can be so much more than simply a place to dine.

We asked designer Sara Gilbane—known for her rich and layered interiors—for expert tips and ideas for layouts that help maximize the often underutilized space. “We treat the dining room as a multipurpose space, especially in smaller homes. But even in larger apartments and houses, it doesn’t get enough airtime.”

Here, Sara breaks down three ways to get more out of your dining room layout.

SEATS: Up to 12 (and so comfy for dinners that go all night!)

THE LAYOUT: A trad layout that’s big on comfort and an inviting ambience. And while it may veer more formal, it doesn’t mean you can’t give your dining room some extra oomph.

THE TABLE: Sara suggests using the largest table with extendable

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Laundry Room Design

By Meg Escott

When I’m thinking about laundry room design I use the same type of thinking as I do for kitchen design.  Like the kitchen, the laundry is a highly functioning space (I guess that’s why it’s often called a utility room in England).  Of course we want it to look good (even beautiful) but if you can’t do the activities that make up ‘doing the laundry’ smoothly and easily, the room will be a misery (a futility room – that’s what my brother in law used to call it as a toddler!).

Seeing as the laundry is also a space that exists to get a job done it surprises me that laundry room design doesn’t receive more attention.  There’s so much written about how kitchens function, the kitchen triangle and all that.  Mmm – the laundry triangle.  I’ll have to come back to that one

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60 Budget-Friendly DIY Wall Decor Ideas for Large Walls

How do you decorate a large wall without painting? This roundup of DIY wall decor ideas for large walls has dozens of ideas  for large wall decor you can make yourself, on a budget. 

When you have a large wall space that needs some love, we have 3 go to options for DIY wall decor: paint a fun accent wall, hang a gallery wall of frames, or hang a piece (or two) of large wall decor.

Large DIY Wall Decor Ideas and Inspiration: Tall Board and Batten DIY Wall Treatment

We decorated this large wall, added tall board and batten, and also built a tall Swedish clock — with the DIY barn door baby gate, it makes this one of my favorite walls!

Related Reading: DIY Wall Treatments and DIY Wainscoting Ideas

Deciding how to decorate a large wall depends on your style and on the area of your home — a gallery wall is fine for hanging in a living room over a

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20 Modern Living Room Designs with Stylish Curved Sofas

Curved sofas are popular and stylish furniture that allows to create unique, comfortable and modern living room designs in round and rectangular living spaces. Curved sofas can be used for decorating large and small living rooms, family rooms and home theaters.

Curved sofas bring a fresh feel into modern living room designs and create an adventurous, contemporary and unusual look while personalizing living spaces and designing cozy and inviting areas.

A curved sofa is an ideal furniture piece for many living room designs and entertainment rooms. Curved sofas bring soft lines and organic shapes into modern interior design and look wonderful with other living room furniture with straight edges and curvy details.

7 modern interior trends reinventing classic luxury and versatile functionality

Modern living room designs with curved sofas

Curved living room furniture, modern sofa in white

Curved sofas are one of modern trends in home decorating that create more

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