Different ways to re-design your room on a budget

Feeling like a refresh in your bedroom, but don’t have the cash for an expensive re-design? Then use these different tips to re-design your bedroom on a budget.

 1. Hang photos and pictures up on the walls.

You can instantly bring some life into your room by hanging photos of your friends and family on the walls. Or get some posters put into nice frames and brighten the room. This doesn’t need to be expensive when you can use companies like WholesalePosterFrames.com to decorate your walls.


 2. Paint a feature wall.

Instead of paying a fortune in paint and doing the whole room, buy a small paint tin and paint a feature wall.  Only doing one wall means you can pick a bright fun colour, without it being too much. If your room is dark, then pick a light colour to brighten the room.

 3. Paint the furniture.

If you don’t want to paint the walls, then add some colours to your furniture. Again with a small tin of paint you can completely change a room. Don’t be afraid to go bright when it’s just the furniture you are changing.

 4. Use cushions and throws to accessorize your bed.  

Add some cushions or a bright coloured throws to your bed and see the difference it makes. You can use cushions to add in colour, patterns or texture to the bed. Get cushions that are different shapes and sizes and then fill your entire bed up with it.


 5. Add in candles

Filling the room with different scented candles, not only looks good but makes the room smell good too. Candles are completely inexpensive and also add an element of relaxation to the room. It’s so nice to jump into bed with a good book and few candles lit. Just be sure to blow them out before you fall asleep.

 6. Use mirrors and lighting for effect.

You can change the space and dimensions of a room by using mirrors and lighting for different effects. Mirrors can open a room up to create an illusion of more space and lighting can completely change the mood. Perhaps add in a nice lamp with a funky light shade so your room has a warmer tone in the evening.


 7. Declutter.

Our bedroom can get cluttered very easily with all of our stuff. To make your room a more inviting and relaxing place to be, it’s good to make sure it’s not messy and filled with junk. Do a big clean out and get rid of things that you don’t need. If you still find yourself with a lot of stuff, then find some smart storage solutions that will allow for things to be contained in a clean and tidy manner. Small fabric, wicker, or metal bins labeled with a Dymo label printer can help you stay organized without clashing with the overall design of your room

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