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Dear Ballard,

I dearly love your catalog and designs. We recently moved into our new home and decorating has been more of a challenge than I ever anticipated. We have an open concept design with our family room opening into our kitchen with a big u-shaped bar separating the space. We have struggled with the best furniture placement in our family room. It is a 15′ x 18′ room. Any of the furniture can be changed. Our goal is to have a comfortable, inviting space with the maximum amount of seating. I would really appreciate any advice you may have for me.

Thanks in advance,


Dear Bobbie,

Thank you for your recent Design Dilemma. We know how difficult open spaces are when it comes to furniture placement. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. We are providing you with a floor plan that should solve your problem.

Furniture Floorplan

Yes, we did place a sofa a few feet from the arched opening. As long as there is a walk space from the back of the sofa to the arch, you are okay. We suggest two Baldwin Sofas in Celery Twill Piped Slipcovers. Our Baldwin Slips are great because we have many colors that are custom designed so you can change them as often as you like.

In between the sofas we selected a 30” Terrific Trio Table covered in our Nomad fabric for a touch of drama. Lighting is essential, so we selected the Gevaudan Balustrade Table Lamp to set between the two sofas. On the far back wall, we chose our Morgan Double Wide Low Shelf in Rubbed Black to place under the mirrors. If you need additional lighting in that area, the Bronze Chartres Buffet Lamps will work well. In front of the sofas, the Morgan Coffee Table not only looks great but will provide great storage for reading materials and remotes. We love your rug and your leather chair – they provide great texture and style. We did add a small Dunstan 3 Shelf Side Table in Distressed Black to finish off the look.

We do hope that our suggestions will help you close the gap on that open space, creating a warm and inviting environment. Please let us know your thoughts; feedback is important to us. Send some pictures of your completed project.

The Style Studio Team

Posted 2/3/09

Furniture Floorplan

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