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is our website, we are LH 3d company experienced in 3d presentation, 3d animation, as you can see, we are focused in every detail for every project, we’ll be happy when our clients say the work is good, great, amazing etc. that’s the reason why we work so hard to finish every project to win the trust of our client.

Home design 3d cooperate with different designers from different countries, gradually, we know what the architects want, they care about function and feeling mostly, when we double check the image, we’ll check every detail if it’s reasonable in function, we need to fully understand what our clients want, if it’s concept design or reality design, we need to present what they really want first, for example, we need to make it correct in structure first, for the texture

with high resolution image, color should be same as demanded. Once we make these correct, then we’ll render them according to our feeling with the understanding of beauty. Give them a mood, usually make them with happy feeling, which means most of people see the image will have sunshine and happy feeling, not those type of negatives.

A lot of good 3d artists in the world, we know home design 3d is not the best, but we’ll try our best to finish every project with good quality and better service. When we got a quotation from somebody, what we need to consider is if we are able to finish the project well, once we give our promise then we’ll try all the method to finish the project in time with good quality.

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