Home design inspiration: Going glam, with a Gwen Stefani edge

It’s not often that clients cite Gwen Stefani as inspiration for their decor. It was certainly the first time Lisa Buyuk had heard the request. “She said she wanted to embrace her ‘inner Gwen Stefani,’” the Boston-based designer says of her client, who works in finance and lives in the South End. “She told me, ‘I have the brain of a nerd, but the heart and style of a wannabe glam punk.’” Buyuk’s response was to create a dynamic space filled with quirky, irreverent things. Fuchsia and gold accents reflect the owner’s edgy sensibility and optimistic attitude. “She is consistently a happy human being,” Buyuk says. “The room radiates her point of view on life.”

1. “I would have specified a more user-friendly sofa, but she wanted a structured style,” Buyuk says of the Jonathan Adler Hollywood Regency-inspired piece. “She didn’t want guests to overstay their welcome.”

2. Geometric wire lamps from Target bookend the sofa. “The lamps are playful and have the sharp angles she favors,” Buyuk says.

3. Buyuk anchored the gallery wall with a photo of the homeowner’s dog, then built around it with quotes and a print by Banksy. “A single piece would have been too static,” she says. “An irregular composition keeps the eye moving.”

4. A 50/50 blend of paint — Benjamin Moore’s Silver Dollar and Super White — provides a tonal wash for the walls. “Bright white was too stark and the gray at full strength was too much of a color,” Buyuk says. “This feels soft and shows off the quality of light as it changes throughout the day.”

5. Jonathan Adler’s Haines chairs are feminine, while the skull pillow and studded lamp speaks to the owner’s inner punk. The flamingo figurine, a reference to her family’s home in Florida, adds another hot spot of color.

6. Lively geometric-patterned carpet tiles by Flor are an airy and stimulating foundation for the room, and are easy to swap out if there’s a spill.

Marni Elyse Katz is a regular contributor to the Globe Magazine. Send comments to magazine@globe.com.

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