Home Renovation Guide – How to get the most out of your home renos.

There comes a time for every homeowner when they look around their property and think, “Should I sell, or should I just stay and renovate?”. It’s anything but an easy decision, especially in an expensive real estate market such as Toronto; it comes down to more than just your budget, but also your stage of […]

The Pantone Colour of the Year is used to influence trends in a variety of industries for the upcoming year such as fashion, home decor, and product designs. For 2020, Classic Blue is the colour to ring in the new decade and the colour that everyone should include in their homes to encourage goods vibes […]

The holidays are a joyous time. The lights are twinkling, Christmas markets provide weekend entertainment, delicious cookie tins fill the grocery stores and there’s always a party going on in the evening.  At the same time, the holidays can be surprisingly dangerous.  Christmas weekend in the United States has 231 fatal car accidents per year and […]

Snow is just a fact of life in Canada. The Great Lakes ensure we live in a snow belt and it’s particularly bad up through to Parry Sound and down along the southwest corridor to London, Ontario. If you want to escape the white flurries but still enjoy life in Southwestern Ontario, you may want […]

If you are looking at houses for sale but don’t quite see one that fits your personality, consider the major changes you can make with just a coat of paint. When it comes to painting your home, though, there are a number of decisions that you’ll need to make to get your desired look. From the […]

By: Zoocasa Whether you are looking at condos for sale in Toronto or houses around the GTA, a home library is any bookworm’s dream. Truly, what could be better than shelves of your favourite books and stories to really give your home a personal touch? Here are some ideas on how you can unleash your inner reader […]

As cities’ populations increase and areas become denser, there are increasingly more small units available in the Ontario real estate market. However, this doesn’t mean that residents have to give up on finding their dream home. Here are some tips that will help you make the most out of your small space, so whether you are […]

Is your home getting cluttered? At one point or another, all homeowners feel a little disorganized. Whether you are putting townhouses for sale in Toronto or just looking to gain a tidier space for you and your family, the following are a few golden rules for a more organized home. Compartmentalize  One of the most […]

Home renovation projects can be very exciting to take on. Not only can they boost the value of your Toronto real estate, but they can also create a more enjoyable space for you and your family. That being said, these projects can be a little stressful if they’re not properly planned. To make your home […]

Renovations are a great way to boost the value of your house. This can be beneficial if you are looking to put houses for sale in Kitchener, for example, or if you simply want to gain further enjoyment from your space. The transformation that follows can be very rewarding, and that’s why they have been increasingly […]

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