How The First Room You See in Your Home Can Affect You & Your Guests

Feng Shui Entrance of a houseIn Feng Shui, the first room you see in your house or home can impact how you and your guests feel. The first room you enter is typically the entry, foyer, kitchen, family room or living room.

This will impact how your experience your space and the patterns or story your home supports.

While the three most important areas of a home are the entrance, master bedroom and kitchen, the other rooms can have significant impact, too — especially the first room someone sees when they enter the home.

The following is a list of rooms in many houses or apartments, and how their placement near the home’s main entrance can affect the home’s inhabitants according to the principles of Feng Shui.

Foyer: A large, spacious foyer is a good way to welcome opportunities into your life. Foyers should be well-lighted, clean and inviting. You can make a space even more welcoming with the addition of live plants or wind chimes.

Living room: A living room is very auspicious to have near your home’s entrance. Residents — and guests — will tend to relax and feel at home.

Study: If you have a study, den or home office near the entrance, expect residents to be focused on education, learning and fulfillment.

Kitchen: If the first room people see when they enter your home is a kitchen, your family life will be focused heavily on food. In fact, it may even encourage over-eating, especially with children. Guests, too, will come only to “eat and run.” If this is the case in your home, you can place a screen or other barrier that will obscure the view of the kitchen from the front door. This is especially important if you can see the stove from the front door.

Bathroom: It’s not auspicious to have a bathroom in clear view of the front door. This can affect health and wealth adversely. You may find your money being “flushed away.” Your health may suffer, and your home’s residents may spend too much time on personal care in the bathroom. They may become obsessed with their appearance. Placing a mirror on the outside of the bathroom door can deflect this negative energy. Remember to keep the bathroom door closed, too.

Bedroom: Having a bedroom in clear view of your home’s entrance could be making you feel tired all the time. Hang a mirror on the bedroom door and see if your energy increases.

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