Ideas For Small Living Room Furniture Arrangements

If you live in a small space, it is usually a problem to arrange the furniture. Oftentimes you can only find one way that you feel it will work.

Here are some ideas for furniture arranging in small living spaces…

In the case above, in the first photo, the furniture hug the walls. But by bringing the sectional away from the wall, you create the illusion of more space. And bring definition to the area, making it feel cozier.


If you’re dealing with a long and narrow room, you may think that positioning the couch against the wall is your only option.

But wait…



Here is a different direction you can take furniture arranging in a long and narrow space. Divide the room into segments.



Here is a living space with a tight furniture grouping. It makes for a nice conversation area. And an area rug unites the space.

Some furniture stores are now focusing on helping buyers find the right furniture for small spaces. So check online for possible ideas to make your space work.


This arrangement places the couch underneath the window against the wall. But then the chairs are arranged in a slightly opposing placement. 

Putting a large plant behind the chair defines it and also softens the space.


Instead of using a traditional coffee table, choose an upholstered ottoman. It can also double as seating should you need it. 


Using mirrors also makes the room seem larger, reflecting space across the room.


If you live in a small apartment, perhaps a studio, you might need to utilize one large space to accommodate various uses. 


Though this is a very small area in terms of square footage, this arrangement works because it doesn’t look too cluttered. The furniture is spaced apart pretty evenly, so there is no feeling of over-crowding.



Here’s a similar situation. Choosing Lucite dining chairs visually takes up no space because they are clear in color.


The space is united with similar decor throughout, so it flows well.



A tip when decorating a small space is to use furniture with legs. This helps to visually open up the space.


Another tip is to bring the couch away from the wall, allowing room for a dining table or desk behind it, giving the room more than one use.


So here are ten rooms that show furniture arrangements that work in small spaces. If you live in a small space, I hope that one of these arrangements will work for you.


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