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What Can Renderings Do for Your Interior Design Project?

Today’s guest post comes from the rendering experts at hanabanana art+design.

Based in Toronto, hanabanana art+design helps to visualize their clients’ imaginations, from interior to exterior, from commercial to residential, from massive buildings to landscapes, from layouts to 3D renderings and animations.

For this article, I asked them to give us an overview on what can renderings do for your next interior design project.

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It always pays to hire a reliable roofing contractor when you’re in need of roof repairs or planning a complete overhaul of your house. Sure, you can try doing everything on your own. But when it comes to your safety and your home’s stability, it’s best to leave the work to professional roofers.

But how do you know if you’re choosing the best contractor for your needs? Here are a few things you can do to make your search worth it.

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Interior Design Toronto – Spotlight on Home Société

Home Société features a broad and curated selection of furniture and accessories for the home and garden, all of which are carefully chosen for their beauty, quality and versatility, and tailored to reflect Toronto’s unique style. Whether you’re looking for contemporary, mid-century modern, industrial, art deco or scandinavian styles, the enormous showroom is designed to allow shoppers to mix and match their versatile design styles through the collective of brands and lines in-store, while ensuring the items are still linked in their style.

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How to Photograph Interiors – Part 3: Post-Processing

How to Photograph Interiors – Now that we’ve covered How to Prepare for an Interior Shoot in Part 1 and The Photoshoot in Part 2, we can move onto the post-production process. 

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Home Lighting Done Right – Advice from a Pro

In modern life, we take illuminated spaces for granted. Flip a switch and the light comes on. And when the lighting is “right”, we don’t give it a second thought.

But when it’s wrong, it affects our mood, our productivity and our perception of a space.

Think about the super-bright cold fluorescent lights used in an underground parking garage. They brighten up a dark and lonely space with powerful light to drives away the shadows. Perfect source of light for that application.

Now think about sitting in your favorite chair with a cup of something warm and a good book. Would those same parking garage fluorescents make any sense? Or would you rather have a standing floor lamp casting a softer glow over your shoulder onto the book?

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Office Furniture for Small Spaces

Over the past few years, simple and clean office designs have taken over the business world. More and more companies choose quality over quantity, despite the huge amount of space that they have at their disposal. By going for a more simple look, they bring in new and fresh energy into their companies. 

When it comes to office furniture for small spaces, effective design choices become even more important. Small spaces require smarter design

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How to Choose a Paint Color for Your Home

If you have EVER tried to paint even a single room in your home, you know how difficult it can be to select:

Even when you do decide on your “right” color, how can you be sure that the color on the paint chip will be the same when you’ve applied it to your walls.

Heaven forbid you’ve got a perfectionist personality….the sheer variety & number of options will drive you crazy.

Even for professionals, color selection can be tricky. For example, if you were to ask the world’s top interior designers….

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Interior Design Toronto – Spotlight on Vintage Lighting By Victorian Revival

Today’s Interior Design Toronto store spotlight focuses on Vintage Lighting By Victorian Revival, one of Toronto’s premier retailers of lighting fixtures.

Victorian Revival carries a wide selection of antique lighting, Arts and Crafts lighting, barn lighting, bungalow lighting, Craftsman lighting, factory lighting, Gasolier lighting, industrial “steampunk” lighting, old industrial lighting, turn-of-the-century lighting, Victorian lighting, vintage workshop lighting and all manner of residential lighting.

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Interior Design Toronto – Spotlight on Around The Block

Today’s Interior Design Toronto store spotlight focuses on Around the Block, one of Toronto’s premier consignment retailers of artwork, lighting, seating, case goods, mirrors, rugs, large decorative items, small decorative items, tables, stemware, flatware, dinnerware, antiques, collectibles and other unique finds

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Interior Design Toronto – Spotlight on Litemode

Today’s Interior Design Toronto store spotlight focuses on Litemode, one of Toronto’s premier retailers of lighting and home decor accessories. Litemode sells a broad selection of high quality lighting designs Artcraft, Avista, Capital, Corbett, Craftmade, Crystal World, Crystorama, Dainolite, DVI, Elegant, Elk, ET2, Eurofase, Feiss, Framburg, Hinkley, Hudson Valley, Hubbarton Forge & much more

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6 Interior Design Tips for your Airbnb Listing

A great visual first impression is everything! As an Airbnb host, you want your listing to stand out amongst a screen full of other spaces vying for attention. A great first impression is just as important as the location and rental price. A well-designed space can make all the difference. Designing your Airbnb space involves much more than placing the furniture. Your Airbnb’s interior design…

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Interior Design Toronto – Spotlight on WYRTH Home

Today’s Interior Design Toronto store spotlight focuses on WYRTH Home, one of Toronto’s premier retailers of kitchenware products, including dinnerware, flatware, glassware, cookware, and more. In addition, WYRTH Home sells home decor pieces including baskets, picture frames, vases, candles, and more!

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