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An easy space to give a quick do it yourself renovation project is your living room. This is a space where family and friends come to gather to enjoy the company of others, watch movies, or sit down and read a wonderful book. Thus you want your living room décor to promote a welcoming and comforting atmosphere for those around. There are many different design trends to choose from when it comes to ideas for living room décor. From contemporary to modern, from rustic to traditional, there are countless decoration ideas to choose from. Our website offers you some great tip and tricks for the best living room decorating ideas in 2016 so that you can keep your space looking fabulous in the new year.



When starting your diy decorating project you will first want to develop a design plan. Living rooms can be a great space to give a quick renovation. Whether you are making simple changes like replacing the color paint on the walls or doing a complete remodel, there are countless decorating ideas for living rooms to choose from. For great inspiration you can search through pictures of living room for beautiful ideas. Find popular living room paint colors while searching through online images. In our photo galleries you can learn how to decorate your space to best match the rest of your home. in addition to paint colors and inspiration on décor, you can also find some beautiful living room furniture ideas to adorn your space. No matter what style design your home is, there are numerous living room decorating ideas to choose from.


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A popular design trend for the upcoming year is modern home décor. This style décor incorporates the use of monochromatic color schemes with clutter free open spaces to reflect natural lighting. This style can be great for decorating a small living room since it creates a clean open feel.  A popular modern living room design is beige and white walls with dark brown furniture. Add a bright accent color in chairs or decorations, such as bright blue or red. You can find popular 2016 modern design furniture at stores like Ikea. Here you can find beautiful and inexpensive living room sets to incorporate into your home décor. No matter what your budget, there are many decorating tips that can help you remodel your living room at an inexpensive price.


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Other simple living room ideas to choose from is a beautiful traditional style. Select Behr’s paint color of the year, with a simple pale green shade, to adorn your walls. Pair this shade with dark would furniture, and plush leather couches. Add simple accents to your space by incorporating living room decorations such as paintings, plants, and pottery. If you would like a different look, some other great living room wall décor ideas include deep shades of red or orange with natural wood furniture to create a wonderful country design. no matter what style you are looking for, there are many different décor ideas to choose from to decorate your living room. Our site offers you some great tips, tricks, and decorating ideas for living rooms to make your home the best looking house on the block.


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