Living Room Update – Making My Every Day More Special!

Laguna Lane is all about small ways to make your every day more special – most frequently in terms of family. However, I also think there’s benefit in making the every day a bit more special for us as adults, parents, etc. On any given day, life can range from tedious to overwhelming to downright hard, and some points of joy can really change our outlook. So while this isn’t a decorating blog, I wanted to share my small living room update that is definitely making my every day more special.

Living Room Update – Decorating Woes

I am not a decorator. I wish I was, but it does not come naturally to me! Much of our house is still decorated like it was when we first moved in eight years ago. I get so used to the decor that it often just blends into the background in my daily life. And since it’s SO.MUCH.WORK for me to figure out a better way to decorate something, I just avoid it. Am I the only one?? Or for those of you talented at decorating, perhaps you’d like to come over and help me one afternoon!

Living Room Update - Before Photo - Making a Small Change That Brings Lots of Joy - Wall Decor | Laguna Lane

I personally have changed so much in the past eight years, not to mention how much my design tastes have changed! Maybe it’s a good thing I’m not a great decorator, or I might have redecorated much of our house by now! I decided to tackle one small area of our living room for a much needed modernization. I’m finally crossing this project off my list from last fall!

Living Room Update – Inspiration

This console table is set against a wall in our living room that backs to the staircase. While I love remembering and looking at photos of our wedding, I was just ready for a change that would brighten the room up. And look how much I loved curly-cue black iron! (Don’t worry… there are plenty of wedding photos displayed on our living room built-ins.)

I fell in love with the arched framed mirrors, especially this one at World Market. Stalking it until it went on sale paid off, and I snagged it for $140 (regular price $250). Woohoo! I apparently still like black iron but this time went for clean lines instead of embellishments. There are some similar options on Amazon here, here, and here.

Living Room Update - After Photo - Making a Small Change That Brings Lots of Joy - Wall Decor | Laguna Lane

I also found a great deal on a preserved boxwood wreath at Kirkland’s – bought with a coupon for $32 instead of $40. Why did they stop carrying it?? It’s gorgeous! Here’s a similar wreath on Amazon and a nice artificial one at Target. I hung the wreath on the mirror with a length of burlap ribbon from Michael’s (similar to this one) tied to a rod on the back of the frame.

Living Room Update – Making My Every Day Special

I walk by this wall in our house countless times each day. When I come out of the master bedroom, I face it and walk directly toward it. And seeing this revamped area just makes me happy. I especially enjoyed it at Christmas, since the Christmas tree was near the mirror and the lights would reflect and double the ambiance. What an impact for under $200 total!

Living Room Update - Before & After Photo - Making a Small Change That Brings Lots of Joy - Wall Decor - Arch Mirror & Boxwood Wreath | Laguna Lane

Is there a small change you could make in your house that would make your every day more special? As you can see, I only changed a few small items, yet the impact was substantial. Or if you’ve done a small change, I’d love to hear about it for more inspiration!

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