Modern Exterior Design Trends – Home Design Trends

Modern exterior design is characterized by the use of very detailed geometric elements. This gives a home’s exterior a very distinctive form and many architecture designs are influenced by modern art. The idea is to maximize the available space for functionality. Modern design has a more practical element than many of the other design choices for homes, whether interior or exterior. Modern homes will focus on simplicity and incorporate fewer of the more upscale elements that are commonly used on home exteriors.

Modern Exterior Design and Function

The concept behind the modern exterior design is usefulness and function. This is considered in every step of the process of determining a home’s exterior design. Every part of the home, inside and out, is to be useable and have a purpose; nothing not even space is wasted. For the exterior of the home, this means the use of various hardscapes to provide ease of access to different outdoor areas of the home including outdoor kitchens, pools or fire pits. The modern design will use various elements to develop a very functional outdoor living space.

Modern Exterior Design and Outdoor Spaces

One of the fastest growing trends in modern exterior design is including an outdoor kitchen which is an extension of the home. When developing outdoor areas such as decks or kitchens it is important to make sure the various elements are complimentary of each other and do not clash. Use the same materials to construct the outdoor kitchen as what are used in the home’s exterior design. This includes the use of stone, wood or stucco as well as the same color of exterior paint which is used on any painted surfaces. The primary use of an outdoor kitchen is entertaining guests but the kitchen area can be very elaborate or a very simple design. It should be constructed so that it meets the need and matches the exterior décor of the home. Homeowners are also very fond of fire pits and there are many elaborate designs which include a fire pit along with a functioning waterscape. Waterscapes are a very popular addition which is used to compliment the exterior of today’s home. Many homeowners use various sizes and styles of falls to display their home’s exterior while others use smaller waterscapes such as pools.

Modern Exterior Design and Color Schemes

Just like the minimalist interior design, modern exterior design uses very muted color schemes. While there is not an absence of color, it is not the primary focus of the home’s exterior design. Instead the focus is on the detailed geometric shapes and lines. Much of the color is added through the use of landscaping elements and is provided by various suitable shrubs, trees or other plants. The architectural design of the modern home typically incorporates the use of large windows which allows for an easily accessible view of the garden or yard areas from inside the dwelling. The purpose is to provide that connection between the interior design and the exterior design of the home. Dark colors may be used to outline windows or doors; or various unique neutral shades may be used to give some distinction to the geometric shapes and lines used in the exterior design of the home.

Characteristics of the Modern Home

Modern exterior design is eclectic and although styles can be similar each home is uniquely different from another. The design typically has a simplicity to it which is brought to the forefront by the home’s unique features; yet at the same time it can appear to be a complex work of art. No two modern homes are the same even if they share a few similar features.

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