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Interior and Exterior Concrete Floor Design Ideas

Often, when it comes to concrete floor design ideas, the typical options are considered: painting, tile, wood, or carpet. Basic looks and color palettes have given way to hi-def designs and textures. Given the endless array of flooring options available, it has never been easier to find one that fits your lifestyle and budget. Cool concrete flooring kitchen designs.

Inside the Design Ideas for “Flooring” the latest techniques and patterns will be explained for both interior and exterior floors. Decorative concrete flooring is the ideal alternative to traditional surfaces. Do you desire a floor that can achieve superior stain-resistance, be the most durable, have low maintenance, and reduce fears over slip-resistance? If so check out the never ending possibilities for living areas, kitchens, bathrooms, garages, basements, patios, sunrooms, outdoor scaping, sidewalks, and driveways, painting floors and painting concrete

Decorative concrete flooring solutions can be installed by a professional, or in

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Small Space Living Rooms You’ll Love in 2020

reversible sectional

Seating Options
Loveseats on a wall or small sectionals in a corner are great seating options that provide plenty of space to entertain. Modular sectionals and sofas are able to change in shape to suit your needs, proving especially helpful for entertaining. Another option is to buy a sleeper sofa or futon with a hidden pullout mattress which is the ideal choice for guests. If you have frequent visitors a sofa with a pull-out bed allows you to have a guest room even with your limited space.

If you don’t have enough seating space with your sectionals and loveseats, a small accent chair is a great additional piece of furniture for your small space living room. From tufted chairs to woven chairs, your options are endless!

For all seating, make sure you select the right upholstery for you. Cotton and twill seating can hold up to heavy use and have

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2019 Top Five Commercial Interior Design Trends

“The present is pregnant with the future,” Voltaire famously remarked centuries ago. His sage observation holds true today vis-à-vis 2019’s top commercial interior design trends. The most significant developments in the field became evident in 2018 and will dominate the landscape in 2019 as well: the rising importance of psychographics, sustainability, wellness, community and authenticity.

Gone are the days when commercial interior designers put color palettes, design styles and furnishings first. The primary focus when designing public and private spaces in residential developments, hospitality settings and offices must be ESG—the environmental, social and governance aspects of a project.

This is also crucial for facility owners and managers to understand so they can help bring these elements into their buildings.

ESG in Commercial Interior Design

Investors use ESG to determine if a company is socially conscious. It has morphed from a benchmark for investment performance to a measure many industries are

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Design Gallery – Flooring, Window Coverings, Furniture


WEBSITE LOGOGoogle + square black large

Reversebox-230x340Furniture in the living roomA male staff installing a carpetA line up of carpet products

    We’re excited you clicked in to visit our

website. Though styles in our industry are

constantly changing, we know there are

three things that never go out of style.

Quality, service, and value. We are

proud to hang our hat on these ideals.

    Quality. Your home is often the greatest

investment you’ll ever make. And this

investment demands quality products. From

a complete offering of flooring materials, to the finest furniture available, we won’t sell it if  it doesn’t meet the highest standards of quality. Does your home deserve less?

    Service. Take a minute here to meet our staff. Words like experience, integrity, enthusiasm, and dedication are frequently mentioned in the Thank-You cards we receive from our customers. While a visit to our website can make an introduction, a visit to our showroom in Idaho Falls will allow us to become friends. And when it comes to your home

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About the Show – Decor + Design Show

Event Details


Melbourne Exhibition Centre 2019

Opening Times

Thursday 16 July 2020 | 10am – 5pm
Friday 17 July 2020 | 10am – 5pm
Saturday 18 July 2020 | 10am – 4pm
Sunday 19 July 2020 | 10am – 3pm

Australia’s No.1 Interiors Trade Event

The 17th edition of Decor + Design will take place at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from 16 – 19 July 2020.

This is the only trade show in Australia which takes a 360-degree view of the Australian interiors industry.

From high-end bespoke pieces to affordable, trusted industry favourites and emerging studios, this hotly-anticipated annual platform for 500+ brands will showcase indoor and outdoor furniture, soft furnishings, home décor, art, lighting and textiles.

This is the No.1 annual buying destination for commercial and residential design projects, hospitality, government and retail. With 10,000+ trade visitors over four days, it’s also the premier networking event for

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The Sewing Room – 10 Amazing Sewing Room Ideas

If you're looking for sewing room ideas and inspiration, you've come to the right place! We're showing you 10 of our favorite ways to decorate and organize the sewing room!  #sewingroom #decor #craftroom  via @somewhatsimple

If you’re looking for sewing room ideas and inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! We’re showing you 10 of our favorite ways to decorate and organize the sewing room! 

The Sewing Room - 10 Amazing Sewing Room Ideas

Sewing Room Ideas

My husband and I are currently building our new home, which means in a few months, I’ll be putting together a new craft and sewing room… and I am SO excited!

Today I wanted to share some of the sewing rooms that have given me some fantastic inspiration! Each space is unique and there are so many design elements I love! Take a look –

Sewing Rooms

Sewing Room Desk

Sewing Room Furniture

1. Ana White will show you how to make your own Modern Craft Table! Lots of storage, tons of workspace on top, and there is a spot for two counter stools at the opposite ends of the table so kids can have their own spot to craft/color.

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Custome Home Design, Land Development – Keepsake Homes, inc.


PHONE: (716) 332-2802



Family owned and operated,
we perform all levels of new home construction.


​​View samples of our recent work in our gallery, and you’ll agree that we’re the best choice.

We provide flexible home plans, full design/building services, energy efficient building, handicap accessibility, and so much more!

Building Memories to Last a Lifetime 


Family owned and operated, Keepsake Homes performs all levels of custom home building and land development. We offer start-to-finish solutions for every project, working with each customer to meet their unique needs.

We pride ourselves on our flexible home plans and the level of personalization present during our building process. We offer a variety of specializations, including handicap-accessible homes, and Energy Star homes, just to name a few of the potential personal accommodations we can provide. 

We also offer

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Home Design Photos | Interior Decorating pictures

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Garden, Outdoor Furniture

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Decorating your home ?

Look4design helps you find your perfect house design


At Look4Design you can enjoy a wide variety of manufacturers in the area of home decoration and interior design.

Look4design presents hundreds of beautiful kitchens, designed furniture, artistic flooring solutions, a wide variety of doors and windows and everything pandora outlet you need to build the house you dreamed about.

The presenters in Look4design are carefully selected and must

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Fast Food Restaurant Exterior Design

<br /> Fast Food Restaurant Exterior Design<br /> –<br /> home interior<br />

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