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Atlanta, GA-based architect and interior designer
Johnna Barrett recently completed construction of a
home in Alamosa, Colo., about one year after a workshop-consultation
with Quentin. The home’s internet unveiling includes
this appreciation:

“A very special thanks also goes out to
Quentin Branch who provided the consulting services
for the rammed earth walls. Quentin offers a hands-on
workshop near Tucson, AZ and is probably the best
resource in the country for this construction type.
He and his wife Julie welcomed me into their home
and spent many hours reviewing drawings and details
of the design. Quentin’s son, Toby Branch was onsite
for the first couple of days of the project as well,
helping instruct the crew in the process.”

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Spring Workshops

Cancelled until travel is safe again

At our home, on the north side of Tucson’s
Santa Catalina Mountains, elevation 4,600.

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With his loyal crew, Quentin Branch has
been building rammed earth projects for
40 years – from patio walls to highway sound-barrier
retaining walls, and from guest homes to
a 38,000-square-foot television studio named
one of the 18 top architectural achievements
in Arizona.

Branch has built throughout Arizona, with
occasional out-of-state forays. His work
has been featured in innumerable
, including in March 2009,
on the cover and 10 inside pages of Metropolitan
Homes magazine, lauding the first rammed
earth home in Aspen, Colorado.

Branch consults with architects and engineers
world-wide on design and construction specifications.
He sometimes holds workshops for students
and do-it-yourselfers.

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Master Rammed Earth

Founder, Rammed Earth
Solar Homes Inc.

Offering consulatation

  • Passive-solar design/build
  • Rammed earth wall construction for
    homes, businesses, gardens, art projects.
  • Passive-solar-design
    and rammed-earth-technology consultation for architects,
    engineers and owner-builders.
  • Rammit Yourself workshops. 

— 4,000 tons of earth were rammed into a 38,000-square-foot
TV studio. Above the 20’ wide, 16’ tall
window, a steel I-beam and concrete bond beam are hidden
in a four-foot-tall lintel of rammed earth.
   — Swaback Partners, Architect

   — Rammed Earth Solar Homes Inc, Rammed
Earth Construction

   — Chanen Construction

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