Space 220 Exterior Entrance Design Revealed

As we (patiently) wait for Space 220 to open at Epcot, there really hasn’t been a whole lot to see or report on in the past few weeks or longer. That is, until we walked by recently to find that the exterior has been painted and a carved design has been revealed for the guest entrance to the restaurant.

As you might know, the Space 220 Restaurant promises “The Height of Dining” as guests “float” 220 miles above the surface of the Earth in orbit aboard the International Space Station.

Concept art for the location shows a couple of interesting things, including tiered dining (like Coral Reef), and an out-of-this-world window into space. This window will be comprised of screens, or perhaps projections, that will simulate the vastness of space as guests orbit above the Earth. The idea of this restaurant plays nicely with the very close neighbor in Mission: SPACE.

Another piece of concept art released at the 2019 D23 Expo shows what will likely be the “arrival experience” to the restaurant. In the art below, it looks like guests will enter a chamber of sorts that could act as a space elevator that will take them from Mission: SPACE in Epcot all the way up to the International Space Station. This concept art is exciting when considering that this could be an entire dining experience, complete with a storyline and coherent theme instead of just another restaurant.

Before you enter the restaurant, it looks like you’ll encounter a lightly themed building as the entrance. Of course, this vantage point isn’t the vantage point guests will have when visiting the restaurant, but it’s the best look we have so far.

Here’s a better look at the recently painted section.

The entrance to the restaurant will likely be where the tree can be seen in the photo below. A small overhang seems to be just around the corner of the building.

Here’s an older construction photo of what we believe is the courtyard for the restaurant on the left side. Notice that Disney has completely replaced all of the glass that was a part of the repurposed structure.

Of course, time will tell if this is the actual entrance to the restaurant, so keep checking back with us here at as we continue to keep you up to date with the latest from the Space 220 Restaurant to and through the grand opening!

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