How to Achieve The Look

We all know how impressive the Southwestern interior design looks, right?

Yes, Southwestern interior designs are very inviting due to their ethnicity and warmness.

Besides, they are extraordinarily pleasing to the eye.

For your information, the style itself is a mixed culture from American and Spanish tradition, which is the heritage of native Arizona, Mexico and Spain.

It is where the term Southwestern interior design is derived from.

The main compositions of Southwestern interior design are usually made out from metal and woods detail with some decorative accents.

If you’re really that into Southwestern interior and exterior design, you will notice that actually they have some similar characteristics, such as the floor plans, the high ceiling, the flat roofs, the wooden beams, the foyers, including that magnificent garden we always adore.

Okay, without further ado, let’s take a look at these characteristics of the Southwestern interior design we have compiled

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