Adobe Alliance – Design


Our designs are based on our long intimacy with the material — earth, preferably local and free. Our most significant design features include adobe vaults and domes for inexpensive roofing, and courtyards that serve as air conditioners for maintaining thermal comfort throughout the year. House plans are based on rural adobe structures in most instances, but we welcome designing urban living spaces. When designing for individual clients we can be inspired by solutions found in other dry arid climates, as in China or West Africa. In particular, we have pinpointed the inestimable and renowned work of Egyptian Architect Hassan Fathy as fundamental guide for our designs in earth dwellings. Designs conceived or built since 1996 include very simple courtyard housing with woodless vaulted and domed roofs, retreat houses or casitas with exterior Dogon-inspired adobe stairs, houses 3,000 feet square, domed pavilions and adobe shelters with innovative high metal canopy

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