Feng shui: Using ancient design principles in contemporary interiors

Written by Karina Tsui, CNNHong Kong

In Sanctuaries, a new CNN Style series, top experts share interior design tips for creating calming and inspirational home spaces.

Hong Kong-based designer Thierry Chow is known for incorporating the principles of feng shui into her practice. Feng shui — which literally translates to “wind and water” — is an important aspect of design and architecture in parts of Asia. Based on an ancient Chinese system, the positioning of objects or buildings in relation to one another and their surroundings is thought to encourage happiness and good fortune.

“In feng shui, we place a heavy emphasis on ‘qi,'” said Chow in a phone interview, referring to the concept of energy also used in traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts. “Imagine a river flowing through your space. If it’s not going smoothly then you should rearrange some furniture to clear that blockage.”

Though historically
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