Easier Living by Design? Builders Are Exploring New Approaches

Could a House Reverse Aging?

Maybe, if it was designed and built to enable its owners to sleep better, thanks to an integrated scheme that automatically optimizes lighting, temperature, and indoor air quality settings at night to match the body’s circadian rhythm for melatonin production.

That’s just one of several ideas that Dan Swift, president and CEO of BSB Design, in Des Moines, Iowa, promotes as part of his mission to elevate performance and relaxation for inhabitants. It’s a concept he advocates at the start of the residential design process rather than an afterthought, no matter the housing style, type, or price point. 




A house designed and built to make life easier for buyers would be a powerful sales tool for builders, says Deryl Patterson, founder of Housing Design Matters, with offices in Chicago and in Jacksonville and Tampa, Fla. A former BSB Design principal, Patterson wants to rid

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