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Need A Free Architecture Designing App? Check Our List

Smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives. The rapidly growing mobile technology is paralleled by countless innovations in mobile application development. These innovations have extended to the field of architecture. New handy architecture apps and enhanced versions of already existing apps are developed yearly. These apps cover architecture related activities like sketching, 3D modeling, photo editing, and other stuff that might not have crossed your mind. So if you need an architecture designing app, here we provide you with a list of the best architecture apps to have on your smartphone in 2018 and you can check more of the best of the architecture apps here. Also, There are free non-architectural mobile apps every architect must have that can be useful for miscellaneous tasks.

Free architecture designing app:

  1. Morpholio Trace

This app functions like a tracing paper. It allows users to draw on imported images and add

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Home Design, Garden & Architecture Blog Magazine | Interior Design, DIY Creative Ideas, Craft, Home and Garden Ideas

Stores are sold out of clorox and lysol wipes everywhere right now. So I thought i’d share a homemade DIY disinfecting recipe that you can use for the time being.In this video i will be showing you a very easy way to make disinfectant wipes at home! Make sure to use a good quality paper towel or it will fall apart ! (more…)

“Waiting hours under tropical rain, I got this Golden-tailed Sapphire singing on a perch!”
Location: Wildsumaco, Ecuador (more…)

Interested in living in round homes or yurts?

If you are considering building a new home and have a desire for a structure that will feed your soul as well as provide shelter, that is energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing, a round home may be exactly the solution you are searching for. (more…)

While the whole Internet is laughing and creating memes about people hoarding toilet paper from supermarkets

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Secure Home Design – Hurt Architecture & Planning P.A.

Hurt Architecture & Planning, P.A. :: Secure By DesignA secure home is a home designed to be safe and secure against a variety of potential threats. Designing homes to specifically address the need for security and safety requires a proactive approach that anticipates – and then protects – the home’s occupants, resources, structure, and continuity of operations from multiple hazards. To address this growing need in our geographical area, as a specialized service within Hurt Architecture & Planning P.A., Secure By Design offers custom secure home design and consulting to our clients throughout Western North Carolina.

All facilities, including homes, face a certain level of risk associated with various threats. These threats may be the result of natural events, accidents, or intentional acts to cause harm. The first step in designing a secure home is to understand the risks posed by these potential threats.

Custom secure homes are designed to meet each client’s specific security requirements, while also

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TOP 10 Best Interior Design & Architecture Websites

For interior designers and architects, it is crucial to have a website worthy of their talent and skill. A mediocre website creates the impression of service of a similar kind – and this is not what a designer’s business needs.

In our previous publications, we talked about benefits of having genuine, award-winning websites for interior designers, and the criteria of such sites. Today, let me list my personal top chart of interior design and architecture studios’ digital domains. Perfect examples of how your website should look – right ahead.

10. CASE 3D

A nice animated portray of sketches becoming actual interiors. Traditional menus approach is combined with scrolling navigation. The blog features extensive case studies for all completed works.

Why 10th place: aside from the interesting main page “drawing vs reality” solution, all other sections are quite boring and straightforward.


An interesting concept of image unification – an

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Perforated metal in architecture, exterior, interior and furniture design

contemporary architecture perforated metal ideas exterior design ideas

Perforated metal, also know as perforated sheet, perforated plate, or perforated screen, is a material used in many fields and highly appreciated for its strength, flexibility and low price. Nowadays we are used to see perforated metal in public and residential areas. Most often the sheets are used for facades and exterior design of buildings, but its application is not limited to only that. They are resistant to rust and corrosive environments, so they are widely used in food and chemical industries. We shall look at the different ways for using perforated metal panels in architecture, exterior design, landscape, we shall also look at some amazing interior designs as well as metal furniture design.


Perforated metal sheets – modern decorative metal panels with great visual aesthetics

perforated metal panels contemporary architecure exterior design university facade

Perforated metal sheets used for exterior and interior design feature numerous patterns and different materials – stainless steel, coated steel, refractory metals,

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Interior Design Archives | Architecture & Design

There is no place like home and how true that rings when you walk into rooms like shown below. From indoor hammock to falling cubes on your toilet floor, these houses have some of the most incredible home designs we never knew we needed. To be honest, as much as we love our own homes, we really wished we could do something about it and turn it into the place that we really can never part with. So, here are some ideas that we found…

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The 1960s saw great improvement in Japan’s economy, including the railways. The first modern high-speed rail line opened in 1964 and many limited express trains and overnight trains started to cross the nation. After the popularity of Japanese sleeper trains peaked in the 70s, however, the country’s

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Home Design – Residential Architecture

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ArchitectureWeek Online Library
Home Design and Building

ArchWeek Photo


The house called Rainwater is a complex composition of four simple volumes — residence, guest house, office, garage — each capped with a planar steel roof rakishly tilted to channel water down to a single cantilevered corner.


ArchWeek Photo


“Wood brings us back to roots of our building heritage,” says Seattle landscape architect Daniel Winterbottom. “The differing grains, colors, and expressions inherent in the material give wood a warm lively quality found in few other materials.”


ArchWeek Photo


Last week, Part I of this series discussed the origins of wood decks and basic framing systems. This week our five part series continues with the fundamentals of foundations.


ArchWeek Photo


This article continues our five part series

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Home Design Find – Interior Design, Architecture, Modern Furniture

Just like fireplaces can completely change the way you see and interact with the interior of your home, fire pits can be a revolutionary addition to your backyard.

artisanfireplace gardening outdoor

From providing warmth to cooking up something good barbecue style or to just boosting a cozy aesthetic, fire pits can do everything fireplaces can do (and maybe even better!).

Of course, as with anything else, a fire pit should be carefully considered as an investment. The sheer amount of options available can overwhelm the most seasoned of home designers, but fear not!

Before you start shopping around for fire pits, come to a rough agreement with your family about the size, style, and function you are looking for in a fire pit. Here are the most vital choices you will have to make in your search for the perfect artisan fire pit.


To determine the best size for your fire pit,

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The Midland’s Custom Home Design Experts | Residential Architecture & Design in Chapin, SC | von Ahn Design, LLC

attention to detail is what sets professionals apart!

-Charlie Marra, VP, Ashmore
Concrete Contractors

The Midlands’ Custom Home Design Experts

Whether you are designing a new home or
remodeling your existing home, you need an architect who can
make the most of your space.  The right architect can make your
dream home come to life and your ideal home a reality! 

von Ahn Design, LLC is a premier full
service design and consulting firm providing architectural
services for our discerning clients.  We work with property
owners who are looking for a custom design while avoiding the pitfalls
that are typical during construction.  By listening to the needs
of each client and evaluating their lifestyle, we create a unique
custom design and produce detailed drawings to streamline the

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designboom magazine | your first source for architecture, design & art news

‘we need to move slower’ says tomás saraceno in video for palazzo strozzi’s in touch project

within the context of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the artist uses one of his artworks to describe the way airborne matter moves, and how our own movement »

within the context of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the artist uses one of his artworks to describe the way airborne matter moves, and how our own movement influences it directly.


mitsufuji launches hamon AG mask that can be washed and re-used up to 50 times

designed to help alleviate the shortage of hygiene masks nationwide, the hamon AG mask can be washed and reused up to 50 times using any home washing machine.

designed to help alleviate the shortage of hygiene masks nationwide, the hamon AG mask can be washed and reused up to 50 times using any home

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