Attic homes exterior design

The attic – this space of intimacy, of the day to day refuge. It can be an area of romanticism, tranquility, but it can as well take on a practical role, housing an office, a mini-library or the room where you can indulge in your hobbies. Seen from the outside, the attic is often the focal point of the house, drawing attention like a vortex. From classic to modern, attics design is attractive by the very nature of these rooms, of spaces where one can find freedom. Below you can see some examples of attic homes exterior design.

A borderless space – this is the very message sent by the first picture. The attic of this modern house in Los Angeles, built in 1949 (hard to believe), offers stunning views of the lavish vegetation around, basically connecting the interior with the wild exterior. The open space concept is sprinkled with

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