Bar/Family Room decorating ideas needed….?

Cozy = soft and cushiony, not sleek and angular, so look into some overstuffed sofas, loveseats, and/or chairs for starters, a big ottoman that can be used by more than one person, tables accessible to each seat to set a drink down on (it’s a bar, too, right!?), throw some area rugs on that wood floor in the seating area, have an entertainment center (TV, music) of some kind set up, coffee table books on the (you guessed it!) coffee table, window dressings that compliment your upholstered furniture (go with some kind of shades or blinds only if you need them for light control or privacy, then a curtain or drape to get that cozy feeling you’re after), for wall treatments, paint or wallpaper with the color scheme of your choice (medium to dark colors are cozier than light colors, but it’s something everyone isn’t comfortable with. The room is

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