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Colour wheel

Use a colour wheel to help plan the overall scheme of a room.

You will need to decide which colours combine well, whether they are toning, harmonious or complementary. By getting to grips with the rules of colour, you can give your room a professional look.

Primary colours

Primary colour wheel

Primary colours are three key colours – Red, Blue and Yellow. They cannot be made from any other colour.

Secondary colours

Secondary colour wheel

If you mix equal amounts of the primary colours, you get the Secondary colours – Purple, Green and Orange.

Red + Yellow = Orange
Red + Blue = Purple
Blue + Yellow = Green

Tertiary colours

Tertiary colour wheel

If you mix a primary with a secondary colour, in a ratio of 2:1, you get a Tertiary colour. Red-Orange, Blue-Green etc.

Cool versus hot

Look at the colour wheel and you will see the left hand side of

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