Coronavirus could mark the beginning of ‘societally safe’ product design

Until what seemed like 10 minutes ago, the expression “going viral” had an entirely different meaning, and just as quickly, everyday life has been replaced with a solitary and virtual reality.

Before we knew what is was, Covid-19 had arrived and brought with it chaos and disruption.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been considering many different post Covid-19 scenarios, and while doing so I’ve become quite studious about how this virus spread itself around the world via local transmission. What I find staggering is that the virus can survive for several days on the surface of common materials like cardboard, plastic, steel, fabric, and glass.

A friend of mine in Switzerland recently mentioned that he now looks differently at otherwise innocent household objects, like the video games console. He said, “It’s the four plastic controllers which are shared between me, my children, and friends. I guess those

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