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mudroom bench diy ideas

If you’re looking to build a mudroom bench- we’ve got you covered.

We’ve compiled a bunch of DIY mudroom bench plans below- 12 of them to be exact.

When your family comes home from work and school for the day, chances are they’re tramping their dirty shoes across carpets and clean kitchen linoleum.

All of that mess can warp wood floors and dirty an otherwise impecabbly maintained home.

A mudroom bench functions as do-it-all stopping area just inside the entryway. A place where your family and guests can remove and store their outdoor wear.

Below, we’ve compiled a bunch of different design options: #1 is a simple, modern cubbyhole storage look; #12 is a massive, rustic locker room style; #10 is a gorgeous, stately option with wire-frame, pull-out cubby racks; and #6 is probably the chicest-looking option.

12 DIY Mudroom Bench Plans

1. Simple Mudroom Entryway Plan

If your entryway

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