How a Washington couple blended their Indian and Scandinavian backgrounds to create a warm and welcoming family home

When Amy and Jay Hariani bought their 1895 turreted rowhouse in Bloomingdale in 2008, a quick flip job had stripped the house of all its interior Victorian frills — without giving them the bedrooms or closet space they needed for their growing family.

So two years ago, they decided to gut the interior, add a fourth floor, push the back out by 10 feet and dig out the basement to make it more livable. They found their architects across the street, where neighbors Jennifer Harty and Albert Hopper of HxH Architects had already renovated their own rowhouse.

Although the Harianis were disappointed their house had been wiped clean of original details, this blank canvas gave them a fresh start. Their vision: Scandinavian simplicity, with natural woods and light tones, and the bold colors and textures of India — a blending similar to their own cultural backgrounds.

The kitchen, with marble
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