Create a Boho Basement Family Room via Online Interior Design

5 Ways to Create a Basement Family Room That You Will Want To Use

Hi Friends! Welcome back to Postbox Designs. I’m Kristin, mama to three, wife, and Doodle owner. If we haven’t met before, I ditched my full time job as an interior designer about three years ago when the work-life-balance got out of wack. With three kids it was tough to balance everyone’s schedules. Then I realized so many people were just like me: multi-tasking rockstar women who were just trying to fit in their To Do lists everyday. And while so many women wanted a beautiful home…who has the time to do the buy-and-return cycle? Or it was so overwhelming, they left that dreaded task to another day…then three years went by and they still have an unfinished room. So I started working exclusively via Online Interior Design. Now I design rooms for clients all

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