The Interior Design Building

Situated centrally in what is arguably the nations prime district for interior design, the 110 year-old Interior Design Building is home to some of the most celebrated interior design and antique merchants in the country. The seven floor property is located on the affluent Upper East Side of Manhattan, and caters to those who demand the highest quality décor and antiques.

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As some of the most distinguished antiques and interior design collectors and merchants in America, the merchants of the Interior Design Building set a precedent within the market. Each merchant showcases a distinctive and desirable collection, offering amongst the highest quality in the Nation.

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By housing merchants of similar specific interest and superior quality in the same seven floor building, space in the Interior Design Building offers more than just the advantages of prime location, an aesthetic environment and market proximity. Each antique

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Building Envelope Design Guide – Introduction | WBDG


Intended Audience and Subject Matter

The National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS)–under contract from the Army Corps of Engineers, the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, the US Air Force, the General Services Administration, the Department of Energy, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency—has developed this comprehensive federal guide for exterior envelope design and construction for institutional/office buildings.

The scope covers buildings constructed of steel, reinforced concrete, reinforced masonry and reinforced concrete masonry units and includes low-rise, mid-rise and high rise buildings. Typical buildings include administration (office) buildings of all sizes, from a small one-story base administration building to a twenty-story inner city agency office facility. Other building types include firehouses and police facilities, courthouses, military residences, many types of laboratories, various types of education buildings, hospitals, extended care facilities, clinics and many types of recreational buildings. Special use buildings such as airplane hangers, testing facilities, and stadiums, single family residences

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Exterior Building Enclosures: Design Process and Composition for Innovative Facades

Acknowledgments v

Chapter 1 Basics 1

Understanding the Basics 1

Process 2

Definition 2

Functions 3

Elements and Forces on the Exterior Enclosure 23

Design Principles 43

Basic Types 51

Interfaces of Enclosure Types 52

Summary 53

Chapter 2 Participants 55

Owner 58

Architect 62

Engineers 67

Design Team Resources: Material Suppliers, System Fabricators, and Specialty Fabricators 76

Builders 79

Summary 85

Chapter 3 Design Process 87

Step 1: Define and Establish Enclosure Goals 87

Step 2: Enclosure Concepts 89

Step 3: Research, Collection, and Analysis 92

Step 4: Schematic Design/Design Development: Enclosure System Development 97

Schematic Design 98

Design Development 105

Step 5: Construction Documents 117

Summary 134

Chapter 4 Construction 135

Step 6: Construction Process 135

Bidding or Tender: The Step In-Between 137

Paper Stage of Construction 139

Enclosures Detailed Primarily by the Architect 142

“Bricks and Mortar”Stage 144

Summary 149

Chapter 5 Brick Masonry 151

Overview 151

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Contemporary Yet Timeless Exterior Design | Mosby Building Arts | Right Bath

In remodeling, it’s important to strike a balance between past trends, what’s trending at the moment and what will look good in the future. When updating your home’s exterior there are many things a homeowner can do to improve curb appeal. A recent trend in exterior remodeling is incorporating natural materials and elements to achieve a goal of contemporary yet timeless design.  Natural materials would generally consist of wood, stone, brick and their lookalikes.  Using these materials will add a feeling of stability and calmness to your home’s exterior.

Cedar home

For instance, using rough cut wooden beams (above) provides a rustic look which is popular in today’s design. Natural and artificial cedar shake siding can be used as on gables and dormers to add character to a home’s exterior.  Shake siding accents are both widely used in contemporary home construction and are a classic material made popular generations ago and still

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35 Cool Building Facades Featuring Unconventional Design Strategies

The facade of a building is the first clue that tells us that structure has something special to offer. A cool facade is the representation of the architect’s creative vision and desire to desire to impress with something unique and out of the ordinary. With so many things that could stand out, you can always look forward to unexpected surprises.

View in gallery

View in gallery

House 77 is a private home located in Portugal and designed by dIONISO LAB. It’s tall and narrow, squeezed in between two existing buildings and it has a facade covered by aluminum venetian blinds.

View in gallery

The white shutters are placed at a fixed angle and allow the upstairs rooms to offer views of the surroundings while also maintaining a sense of privacy.

View in gallery

View in gallery

Designed by x Architekten, this hair salon has a facade meant to act as

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9 Commercial Building Exterior Design Ideas

While the exterior design of commercial buildings was once thought not to matter to what went on indoors, or was thought to be inconsequential to its use, times and opinions have changed. Today, many business and building owners want a building design that is eye-catching, dynamic, and at least reminiscent of what goes on there. For that reason, commercial building exterior design is beginning to diversify, with newer buildings each putting their own personal stamp on their design in terms of color, texture, pattern, and style.

Commercial Building Exterior Design Ideas

These nine commercial building exterior design ideas are designed to help you gain some inspiration to push you toward creating a unique building exterior of your own.

1. Dynamic Color and Texture

commercial building exterior design

There is little that is more eye catching than a bold color. Color has a powerful effect on emotions, and the color red is seen as passionate,

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Home Plans – Building Designs by Stockton

We are a company dedicated to providing you with the highest quality residential, multi-family, and light commercial building plans and home plans, whether they are from our stock home plans collection or a custom / remodel design. Building Designs by Stockton offers a wide selection of home plans and building designs, including new modern styling designs. We can modify any of our existing plans so that you are completely satisfied. Our home floor plans have been designed in such a way that they offer a pleasing architectural feel along with the knowledge of the construction process. We are always available to answer any questions you may have and look forward to serving your projects needs. Please call us Toll Free at 1-800-368-0821 or email us at

Featured Plan

View Detail

MULTI-FAMILY PLANS: The Featured Plan shown here is one of our many multi-family home plans. This particular plan #7-2601-1 is shown

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Green Home Building: Compact Design

Small can be beautiful and cozy. The trend lately has been toward
huge mansion-style houses. Large houses generally use a tremendous amount
of energy to heat and cool. This energy usually comes from the combustion
of fossil fuels, depleting these resources and emitting greenhouse gases
and pollutants into the air. Also, the larger the house, the more materials
go into its construction; materials which may have their own environmental
consequences. A home should be just the right size for its occupants and
their activities. My wife and I (and our two dogs) happily lived in a
forty foot bus for four years. The key to this is efficient use of space,
good organization, and keeping possessions to a manageable level.

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Lloyd Kahn has done it again! He has published another seminal work on the general topic of shelter. This one is devoted to the

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Standard Size of Rooms in Residential Building and their Locations

Knowledge of standard size of rooms and their location in a residential building is important for planning of residential construction project. The room sizes and their location provides spaces for movement, sunlight and natural air for residents.

Standard Size of Rooms in Residential Building and their Locations

1. Size of Drawing or Living Room:

Drawing room or living room is a common, comfortable and attractive place for sitting of family members and to receive friends and guests. Sometime it is used as reception room and dining room and special occasions. Drawing room should be located in the middle of the building and should be connected to the front verandah and dining place. It should be well-lighted and ventilated. Standard Size of Rooms in Residential Building Generally, drawing or living room is the biggest room of the building so that it can be utilized for some ceremonial function in the house. Size of the drawing room should be

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Exterior Building Design & Specifications

Exterior Building Design & Specifications provide the analysis, design, and
project administration services required to obtain the most appropriate and
cost-effective solution to our client’s building exterior problems.  The
complexity and number of potential solutions available to address deficiencies
and/or failures of exterior building waterproofing systems makes
selecting a cost feasible solution a daunting task.  IRS Exterior
Building Design & Specification services provide building owners and
managers with proven, cost efficient solutions.  IRS provides its clients
with a diagnoses of the deficiencies, then offers multiple solutions,
balancing cost, effectiveness, longevity and aesthetics.

  • Research & Diagnostics: 
    A complete analysis of the existing system is completed to define the
    scope of work required, including confirmation of the diagnosis and development of methods to fact
    check potential solutions.

  • System Selection: 
    Potential systems are reviewed and
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