Exterior Related – Camaro FAQ

Exterior Related – Camaro FAQ

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Note: for a list of Exterior colors by year and other
exterior color details, including special paint designation,
RPO and window sticker codes, and related stripe and top colors,
see the Exterior Colors
section of the Numbers/Decoding page.

  1. Camaro Color Usage

  2. Shared Corvette and Camaro Colors

  3. 1969 Camaro Hugger Orange

  4. 1967-1969 Camaro Stripes

  5. Z28 Trunk Lid Striping

  6. SS Hood Ornaments

  7. Cowl Hood

  8. Trunk lids

  9. Black-out Paint Applications

  10. 1969 Grille Colors and Usage

  11. Similarities and Differences of 1967 and 1968 Front Bumpers
  12. CRG Research Report:
    Camaro Window Glass
  13. CRG Research Report:
    Camaro Keys and Locks
  14. CRG Research Report:
    1968 Camaro Rally Sport Grilles


Camaro Color Usage

These are the official Camaro color production usages from GM. This was one of the most
frequently asked questions and

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