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The next
item in the set is the exterior
Every exterior wall
is shown on the elevations and generally is drawn at the same scale as the floor
plans (
= 1′-0″ is
common). Besides showing the overall picture of the exterior of the building,
the elevations are mainly used to key specific areas
to larger-scale details.


elevations show the materials drawn to scale, indicating doors, window
patterns, exterior grade, and mechanical penthouses, to name a few.  The building elevations are a bit like the
view seen from several hundred yards-an overall picture of the building rather
than specific details.  The materials
seen in the elevation can be delineated if it makes
the building read better.  Brick can be shown by drawing the horizontal brick joints.  Concrete can be drawn
by dotting the wall, wood by showing the joints, and windows by showing

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Jordan Project Reveal: Exterior and Entryway

Part One of the Jordan Whole-Home Renovation & Addition

This past fall, we completed an incredible whole-home renovation project (including all furniture, textiles, window treatments, and styling) in Jordan, Minnesota. No detail went unnoticed and we couldn’t love the final result more. 

We’ll be sharing out different areas of the home as part of our project reveal series, so be sure to stay tuned for that. In the meantime, we’re kicking off our renovation reveal with the start of the home tour: the exterior and entryway. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.



As much as we all adore interior shots, the truth is that the exterior of a home matters just as much, and if we’re being honest, perhaps a bit more. First impressions of a property carry immense value, so striking the right visual balance on this gorgeous estate was essential.

Because this home had beautiful

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Exterior French Doors: Custom, Aluminum & Architectural

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Custom Designed Doors

Here are a few examples of the beauty and quality of our designs. Choose a design or let us create a unique EXTERIOR FRENCH DOORS design for you.

Contact us for a free
no-obligation quote

Local delivery and installation or nationwide shipping available.

Click to view a larger image of Exterior French Door

Exterior French Door

Bronze, Clear, Champagne

(Click image for larger view)

Click to view a larger image of The French 12 Double Door

The French 12 Double Door

These doors with multiple panes (multi-lights) were designed to blend with the style of the building and convey a feeling of stability.

Bronze, Clear, Champagne

(Click image for larger view)

Click to view a larger image of Exterior French Door

Exterior French Door

Bronze, Clear, Champagne

(Click image for larger view)

Click to view a larger image of French Entrance Door

French Entrance Door

Bronze, Clear, Champagne, White

(Click image for larger view)

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The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8’s Exterior Styling in Detail

After decades of rumors, waiting, and promises, it’s finally here. The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette sports a mid-engine layout and looks like a proper sports car. In this video, senior features editor and Head 2 Head host Jonny Lieberman gives the lowdown on the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette and its exterior design.

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Preservation Brief 14: New Exterior Additions to Historic Buildings: Preservation Concerns

Detail of the side of a brick house and smaller brick and glass addition at dusk.

Detail of new addition shown in Figure 4. Photo: © Maxwell MacKenzie.


Anne E. Grimmer and Kay D. Weeks

A new exterior addition to a historic building should be considered in a rehabilitation project only after determining that requirements for the new or adaptive use cannot be successfully met by altering non-significant interior spaces. If the new use cannot be accommodated in this way, then an exterior addition may be an acceptable alternative. Rehabilitation as a treatment “is defined as the act or process of making possible a compatible use for a property through repair, alterations, and additions while preserving those portions or features which convey its historical, cultural, or architectural values.”

The topic of new additions, including rooftop additions, to historic buildings comes up frequently, especially as it relates to rehabilitation projects. It is often discussed and it is the subject of concern, consternation,

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Slump Block Ranch Exterior – Dream Book Design


I can hardly believe it, but this is the final post on Slump Block Ranch. I have showed yall the Master Suite, the Bedrooms, the Kitchen, and the Living area already. This home has been such a labor of love for Jeremy and I. This is the first home where I feel like he reallyyy found his groove, and learned a lot of what works in this business, and what doesn’t work. What a blessing it has been to see him doing something he is so passionate about!

When we first got this home the exterior wasn’t too bad. It was stunning, but there wasn’t anything that was a serious eye-sore. We knew we wanted to keep it in its original Slump Block state, but we wanted to freshen it up a bit by painting it. Here are some Before shots:




The yard was super overgrown, in the front and

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3D Exterior Design and Rendering Blogs

3D Exterior Home Rendering
will visualize and built your project prototype on online portfolios and paper presentations
even before the actual construction commences. The perfection of the projects
and plans is enhanced by precise lighting shading and texturing of building in
realistic photo sounding that people good to watch and listening. This will
help you to present and close the deal better by presenting before the client a
3D view of the property they are going to buy or invest.
Companies have to be walk with a new technology and
new improve things otherwise it lost with their old things. We know that old is
gold but not in the exterior design and technology because is all about for to
create designs that done by the requirement of client and their hopes.

Architectural Exterior Design For Home Concept

concept of outside of your home is similar important as the
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Design Solutions for Exterior Decks: Q&A :: Weyerhaeuser

Does this brutally long winter we have struggled through have you dreaming of warmer days where you can enjoy grilling or just relaxing outside? Does your summer plan include building a new exterior deck? If so, the following commonly asked questions we receive may help you in the design and construction of your new deck.

Q: How do you connect the deck ledger board to a Trus Joist® floor system?

A: The connection of the deck ledger to the supporting structure is a critical connection that requires special attention and detailing. Detail LA on page 8 of our Specifier Guide TJ-4000highlights typical connections and detailing for the deck ledger board to a TJI® floor system. The deck ledger to Trus Joist or TimberStrand® LSL rim board fastener capacities shown in the table below can be used to determine appropriate fastener spacing for both lag and through bolts. These ledger fastener

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Mechanical Design Engineer – Exterior Systems


As a
Mechanical Engineer developing Structures and Absorbers for the Vehicle Exterior
group you will be responsible for design, release and launch of components for future
vehicle lines including, but not limited to:

Front End Module

Wheel Liners

Sound Absorbers

Front End Integration (Ensure craftsmanship fit and finish;
Front Fascia, Headlamps, Fender, Hood)

will be part of the team that creates and executes world class systems in terms
of styling, function and customer quality. You will utilize your expertise
in one or more of these commodities and develop as a full vehicle engineer –
designing and delivering entire systems rather than just components as you work
with a lean and agile team of the best automotive engineers in the
industry.  You will report to the Engineering Manager of Exterior Systems.


part of Tesla’s Vehicle engineering team you will design release and

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Exterior Concrete Cost – Landscaping Network

Costs soar when concrete is poured in sections like this because additional materials and labor are required to form each pad.

The overall cost of having concrete installed depends on multiple factors. Some of these are square footage, location, decorative finish, demolition, grading and more. The best way to find out what your concrete project will cost is to call two or three contractors and get quotes. This way you can compare and make sure you’re getting a fair price.

National Price Ranges for Concrete

  • Plain Concrete – $2-5 per square foot
  • Stamped Concrete – $5-10 per square foot (find out what factors affect stamped concrete cost)
  • Colored Concrete – $5-10 per square foot

In comparison to other paving materials, concrete falls in the middle of the road price wise. It is more expensive than loose paving materials like gravel or decomposed granite, while it is more affordable than natural

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