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I Adore the Firefly Art Print by The Design Confidential via @thdesconf

At long last I am super excited to annouce Confidential Print Shop is open for business and printable art is first on the menu. I have actually had the shop set up for months, but I was feeling extremely anxious about hitting the publish button on this post. I’m not entirely sure why, but it most likely stems from a fear of failure. Truth be told, setting up a storefront and selling something that is uniquely yours and not made by someone else, is terrifying. Because what if no one cares? What if everyone hates it and never buys a single thing? Does that mean they don’t like you or your work? Is it a reflection of how the public perceives your taste level? As a design professional, this is a monumentally difficult hurdle to jump because the answer is probably yes. Read

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How To Arrange Furniture In A Family Room

Julie P layout revised

Decorating Dilemmas is a weekly column in which our stylists answer your design questions, so you can tackle your home decorating project with complete confidence.

Dear Style Studio,

We are stumped! After furniture shopping for a month and consulting all of my friends … I still don’t see the light.

We bought a new house almost a year ago and have not purchased furniture for our family room. The only windows in the room and the fireplace are both on the same window, which leaves me two huge walls to decorate (especially if we decide to mount the TV above the fireplace). Do we do two couches and a chair? If so, where to a put the TV? How do I fill the walls? Ahhhh … my head is spinning.

If we figure out the television placement and major seating, the rest will fall into space.

We are trying to

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Great Southwest Furniture Design, Southwestern Furniture, Lamps, Fabrics & SW Decor

Home to one of the finest selections of custom

Southwest Furnishings on the web.

Whether you’re looking for Southwest Bedroom

Furniture, Southwest Dining Room Sets, Southwest Upholstery

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Southwest Decor, we’ve got you covered!

If you’re looking for high quality Southwest

Wood & Iron Furniture or original Western Decor, you will find it

all here at Great Southwest Furniture Design.

scene from Iron Man 3

Complimentary Design Services

Our Design Team will work with you on a

one-to-one basis, to make sure the final product is exactly what

you had in mind, by paying special attention to details of both, look and

functionality and getting all information possible,

as to what the Southwest Style means to you!

Every Single Piece

We produce is made out of real Solid Wood. All pieces are hand carved, assembled,

painted and finished by hand, with painstaking care and


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Live Edge Wood Slabs, Sustainable Wood Furniture

HOURS: Our Sarasota wholesale warehouse is open to the design trade and the general public Thursday-Sunday 10am-4pm.​​  Everyone must be 18 years or older to enter the warehouse. No Exceptions.



Since 1998, we’ve been handcrafting salvaged materials into award winning furniture for our customers around the world. From live edge wood slabs and building materials to unique reclaimed barnwood dining tables, chairs and cabinets.  We sell wholesale to stores, restaurants, architects and builders and you can also purchase for your home…but the Decor Direct Wholesale Warehouse experience can only be enjoyed in person. That’s right: We don’t sell online, by phone or by email.  There is only one place to shop with us….that’s in person only!  Our Sarasota design warehouses are where

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18 Maroon Living Room Furniture and Interior Design Ideas

The color maroon for a living room might be a bit unusual. The color itself is a shade of red that mixed with blue, creating a unique grape-like color. However, this color is popular on Bohemian and Moroccan design. You must have seen it a lot in their pouf and rug.

Wanting a maroon living room doesn’t necessarily means that you have to fill that area with everything maroon. Just pick one or two large item that will draw all the attention. It can be a sofa, or a rug, or maybe the wall.

Warm Maroon Sofa

cozy maroon living room

Bring the rich maroon color to your living room by having this set of maroon sofa. The color has enough wine tone, that match perfectly with the natural wood color on the floor as well as the blank white wall.

Maroon Loveseat

maroon living room with loveseat

Wanting something private? Then this love seat can be a good

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Ideas For Small Living Room Furniture Arrangements

If you live in a small space, it is usually a problem to arrange the furniture. Oftentimes you can only find one way that you feel it will work.

Here are some ideas for furniture arranging in small living spaces…

In the case above, in the first photo, the furniture hug the walls. But by bringing the sectional away from the wall, you create the illusion of more space. And bring definition to the area, making it feel cozier.


If you’re dealing with a long and narrow room, you may think that positioning the couch against the wall is your only option.

But wait…



Here is a different direction you can take furniture arranging in a long and narrow space. Divide the room into segments.



Here is a living space with a tight furniture grouping. It makes for a nice conversation area. And an area rug unites the

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Furniture and decor ideas for your small living room

Living in a tiny apartment doesn’t have to suck. You can complain about a lack of closet space. And floor space. And probably even less kitchen space. But complaining alone will get you nowhere; you need to be crafty to make the best of a small situation. If your living room is smaller than you’d like, you just need to be smart about design choices to make the space feel homey and large.

You might want a giant TV, but a tiny living room looks silly when half the room is a screen. The same goes for a coffee table. You might want a large, glass coffee table as the focal point for your living space, but it’ll likely eat up too much space. Learn to compromise within your apartment size! Here’s some inspiration to do things right.

An Appropriately Sized

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Living Room Furniture | Crate and Barrel

How to Choose Living Room Furniture for Your Home

Whether you’re starting from scratch and furnishing an empty space, or you’re upgrading a few individual pieces, we have compiled tips and ideas about how to choose living room furniture for your home. Read on for a step-by-step guide to help you select sofas, coffee tables, chairs, rugs, lamps, accent tables and more to fit your individual style and space.

1) Determine Your Furniture Needs

Choosing living room furniture based on what you need from it. How big is your layout? Will large-scale furniture or smaller designs best suit your space? Determine how you’ll use your family room to decide what styles you need.

Next, decide on the sofa type you want. A quality sofa is the foundation of every great family room. Consider seat height and cushion softness and depth. Take size into consideration: a compact loveseat for small living

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Mission Style Outdoor Post Lighting - New Design 2019 / 2020

With clean lines for an expressed sense of decorative practicality, Mission style exterior lighting brought an all-new focus on simple forms and functionality, thereby many homeowners implementing facets of the design into their coastal, rustic and modern design styles. If… Continue Reading

Interior Decorating for Small Spaces - New Ideas 2019 / 2020

If we are looking for home decor interior design that sophisticated and stylish on the internet, a few names tend to crop up in our browser history and there’s something satisfying about finding a unique design that guests can’t immediately… Continue Reading

Exterior Paint Colors Victorian Houses - Popular Trends 2019

How to choose exterior paint colors for your house is no simple achievement especially for beginners, because there are three colors you should choose namely accents, siding and trim. Therefore, many designers ask for a paint companies to decide most… Continue Reading

Image of Kitchen Sink Cabinet - Modern Design 2019 / 2020

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Lake House Furniture – 16 Collections

Lodge and Lake House Furniture Styles, Canoe with Lilypads
A cabin on a lake may have duck decoys or oars as decorative accents and reflect the surroundings of the cabin.

Lodge and Lake House Furniture Styles, Mounted Fish
It’s not uncommon to see exposed beams in cabins or lots of woodwork. A great way to soften up the roughness of the wood is to add cozy accessories like large throws, soft pillows and warm lighting.

Lodge and Lake House Furniture Styles, Mountain Top Cabin



Lodge and Lake House Furniture Styles, Kids on a Dock


A mix of rustic elements, like reclaimed wood tables, matched with a brightly upholstered chair or a few colorful pillows creates a feeling of a home away from home. Driftwood and stone or rock accessories also go well with lake house decor and tie in the outdoor elements with the interior.
Lodge and Lake House Furniture Styles, Paddle and Whirlpool


Lodge and Lake House Furniture Styles, Snowshoes outside Cabin

Mixing wood and natural textures with primary reds, burnt oranges or deep browns help create the warm, fuzzy glow that is quintessential of lodge furniture style.

Lodge and Lake House Furniture Styles, Lodge on Grass

A lodge should feel like a place to rest and relax. Accessories should be cozy,

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