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Feng shui: Using ancient design principles in contemporary interiors

Written by Karina Tsui, CNNHong Kong

In Sanctuaries, a new CNN Style series, top experts share interior design tips for creating calming and inspirational home spaces.

Hong Kong-based designer Thierry Chow is known for incorporating the principles of feng shui into her practice. Feng shui — which literally translates to “wind and water” — is an important aspect of design and architecture in parts of Asia. Based on an ancient Chinese system, the positioning of objects or buildings in relation to one another and their surroundings is thought to encourage happiness and good fortune.

“In feng shui, we place a heavy emphasis on ‘qi,'” said Chow in a phone interview, referring to the concept of energy also used in traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts. “Imagine a river flowing through your space. If it’s not going smoothly then you should rearrange some furniture to clear that blockage.”

Though historically
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Home Designed interiors – Home Interior Design, Interior Design Ideas, Interior Decorating

What Clients Say About Us

“It’s not only about interior design and decor.  It’s about how a space feels.  I strive to create comfort and the feeling of home in all of my design projects.” 
home interior design interior design ideas contemporary interior design
– Ginger Maney
Founder, Designer
Austin, Texas

 Your personal designer will oversee the project from initial consultation to final installation. We don’t rest until you’re delighted.

Ginger provides professional, attentive service. She listens to her client’s imput, presents ideas that take all of their wishes into account, but also presents options that might encourage her clients to stretch a little outside of their comfort zone if they want to do that. She is creative, organized, knowledgeable, effective and very effective at negotiating the best deal or finding the best deal for her clients. I highly recommend her (and have)…

Linda Swainson
Owner, Ward Farm LLC, Writer;

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Outbreak to remap future vehicle design, interiors

Gorden Wagener has spent a good amount of his coronavirus quarantine thinking about waffles.

Daimler’s head of design, who created such iconic cars as the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and Vision Mercedes concepts, wanted to bake bread during his pandemic free time, but soon found the bread maker he wanted was out of stock. So he ordered a waffle iron from Williams-Sonoma instead, and the German and Germany-based designer has been perfecting his at-home recipe for the delightfully dimpled grid of syrup holders ever since.

That’s how he landed on the idea for a glove-box waffle catapult.

When I heard he’d become a waffle master, I asked whether he could do deliveries.

“The car is easily smart enough to launch a waffle accurately — you could write smart messages on the waffle and then throw it!” Wagener suggested on a recent phone call. A paperboy tossing waffles instead of the morning

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Exterior Paint Color Ideas | ACM Design Architecture & Interiors

Exterior Paint Color Ideas

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors for Your Home

“What color should I paint my home?” is one of the most common, yet most difficult questions to answer for homeowners. However, choosing the exterior paint color for your home doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Here at ACM Design, we are sharing some of our most popular custom home designs and highlighted the exterior paint selections for each. Selecting the right color can not only quickly boost your home’s curb appeal but it can also add value from a sales perspective. Take a look at some of ACM Design’s most popular home designs.


Modern Craftsman Style Home:

Exterior Paint Color Palette - Green Craftsman

European Style Home:

Exterior Paint Color Palette - Amazing Gray

Shingle Style Home:

Exterior Paint Color Palette - Urbane Bronze


How to Select Your Home’s Exterior Paint Color:

There are various factors that can come into play when determining an appropriate color palette for your home’s exterior. First, consult your HOA rules and regulations

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Interiors by Design Family Dollar


Discount & Affordable Home D?cor Items | Family Dollar

Results 1 – 15 of 56 – Find affordable home d?cor items to jazz up your home interior. Get discount prices on all your home d?cor needs at a nearby Family Dollar?…

Home D?cor Galore – Family Dollar

Jun 17, 2015 – Family Dollar’s latest Home D?cor Sale flyer had so many cute things in it that I just had to check them out in person. Comforters are 25% OFF?…

Family Dollar Store Items & Products – Family Dollar

From food and beverages, to cleaning supplies, toys, electronics and so much more, Family Dollar has products from the brands you trust at everyday prices you?…

Decorate Your Home For Less – Family Dollar Home Decor

Feb 4, 2011 – Family Dollar has it’s own interior decor brand called Interiors by Design. With items like shower curtains,

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Sita Montgomery Interiors

I have a love affair with grasscloth wallpaper. Like a true, deep, abiding love. Two years ago, I made my dreams of having grasscloth wallpaper in my own home, a reality, when I backed my office bookcase with a gorgeous aqua grasscloth wallpaper. It was, and still is, glorious. That little addition to my office only fueled my fire for grasscloth, and since then, I have been consumed with the idea of wrapping all 4 walls of my master bedroom in the perfect texture and beauty of grasscloth wallpaper. It took many months of convincing my husband, but he finally conceded to let me take my dream and make it a reality. In true designer fashion, it wasn’t enough to simply change the walls. I decided that a with the new wallpaper a bit more of a bedroom refresh was in order. By switching out some furniture pieces, like a

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57 Beautiful Family Room Interiors

Family rooms are of the most used places in any home, it’s a great place to relax and unwind. See all our family room designs and home interior ideas.


A family room is one of the most frequented spaces in the home. It is where family and friends congregate to visit, watch television and relax. In homes that contain small children, it can also be a dumping ground for toys and other toddler paraphernalia. For this reason, there are certain factors to consider when decorating or redesigning your family room.

A family room must have a sectional. Well, if not a sectional than at least plenty of seating. One of the most important aspects of a well-designed family room is access to ample seating. Sectionals fulfill this need by removing unnecessary armrests and replacing that space with additional seats. However, not all rooms contain enough floor space to accommodate a

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Design Home Interiors- Mark Little, interior designer and owner – Design Home Interiors, Mark Little

It sounds so simple decorating with only two colors; however, it tends to be trickier than you think. Here are four easy design tips when creating a monochromatic room.


1. Mixing your whites – All white is not truly ‘white’. There are many different shades of white, so incorporating a few different hues will visually layer in dimension. 


2. Introducing different black materials – By adding in black metals, woods, and accent pieces, this will ground your design and also add a defining separation between the white hues.


3. Introducing another neutral color to soften the overall design – Adding in accents of browns and greens is a perfect way to add interest to your space, yet not take away from a monochromatic
design scheme.


4. Using both black and white colors in a material – Such as throw pillows or window treatments. Finding a material that uses both of

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Cuarto Interior Architecture and Interiors Design

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