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Jo Saltz New Jersey Kitchen

“People will live with a bad situation for so long,” says House Beautiful editor Jo Saltz, who was doing just that before she embarked on a six-month renovation to fix up the most-used—but admittedly most-dated—room in her family’s New Jersey home: the kitchen.

Flash back to early 2017, when the Saltz family bought their house and were immediately tripping over themselves to make breakfast. “It’s like Grand Central in here,” said Jo’s husband, Scott. That was a problem for what Jo calls “a family who loves food.” (In addition to House Beautiful, Jo also oversees the food website Delish).

In summer 2019, designer Jean Stoffer (whose style Jo fell in love with on Instagram) used her tried-and-true design questionnaire to come up with a game plan based on the family’s habits and needs. She then worked—cross-country; Stoffer is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan—with local contractor Eric Grier of Right at

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