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Budget Breakdown: How Much Does It Cost To Decorate A Room? | Kathy Kuo Blog

Today on the blog, we’re discussing the topic that every designer likes to avoid: Your decorating budget and the cost to decorate a room. Maybe you just moved into a new home, maybe you’re tired of your current furniture, or maybe you just need a fresh new look. Whatever the reason, when you’re all ready to start your project and start shopping for furniture, that inevitable question drifts into your head like a beleaguering raincloud: How much is this going to cost me?

Luckily, evaluating and pricing furniture and home decor is our area of expertise here at Kathy Kuo Home. But before you read further, we need to make a few disclaimers regarding this article about what it costs to furnish a room:

1. The average spend for the furniture items we’ve listed are purposefully at the higher end of the spectrum.

Why did we do this? Almost

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