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Kid-Friendly Family Room Design! | Designertrapped.com

LOVE this family room design! Such a great way to combine a playroom and family room the whole family can enjoy into one space. Super smart design choices! #spon

Thank you to Hayneedle for partnering with me on my family room makeover!

Y’all, the room shuffling in our house is ALMOST COMPLETE! In case you haven’t heard, a few months ago we decided that we needed to separate our twin girls’ into separate bedrooms because one of our sweet girls wakes up earlier in the morning than the other one and it was causing issues. Since my home office was in the spare bedroom, I had to relocate it to what was the girls’ playroom. That meant we had to move their playroom to a section of our family room, which meant we had to rearrange things to accommodate the playroom content and that wasn’t really possible with our old furniture layout. So, the room shuffling sparked a brand new family room design and full room makeover! We partnered with Hayneedle for our family room design and makeover, and

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13 Kid-Friendly Living Room Ideas to Manage the Chaos

As parents, we often struggle with wanting to make our spaces look pretty while still keeping them functional and practical for our families. The struggle is real, but it’s not impossible to overcome. If you’re looking for ways to make your main living area more family friendly, check out these kid friendly living room ideas to manage the chaos.

13 Kid-Friendly Living Room Ideas

Smart Kid Friendly Living Room Ideas

If you have toddlers, you know just how precarious a drink on the coffee table can be. Using a slim table behind the sofa like this keeps little hands from reaching drinks, the remote, etc. and knocking them over.

coffee table alternative

Hang baskets on the wall to hide toys, blankets, and games when they’re not in use. And when the kids want them, you can easily pull the basket off the wall to make reaching their things easier.

wall baskets

Cube storage works so well when your living room

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