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A Room-by-Room Guide for Ergonomic Lighting Levels

Ergonomics, as it relates to lighting, is basically having the right amount and location of lighting for what you’re doing. In the workplace, it can be making sure computer monitors don’t have too much glare on them (to prevent eyestrain) or ensuring that people performing tasks that require precision and fine-detail work have lighting on a path that ensures that there are no shadows cast on what they’re doing.

In the home, having ergonomic lighting can mean installing task lighting above kitchen counters or a workbench or making sure that hallways and stairways have enough lighting in them for safety.

Making Sense of Measurements

You’ll find light levels are listed in lumens, which is light output. Light intensity levels may be listed in lux or foot-candles (fc). Lux measurements are roughly¬†10 times a foot-candle measurement, as a foot-candle is 1 lumen per square foot, and a lux is 1

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