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50 Marvelous Cottage House Exterior Design Ideas

The Harmony Mountain Cottage Home Plan is based upon the presence of a splendid vista in a natural setting. There can be two options available, namely buying vacant land, or buying an existing cottage, tearing it down, and rebuilding. The advantage of the following the tear-down route is existing amenities, such as access to roads, electric and water lines and perhaps even a septic system. And it is often possible to rebuild upon the old base, which allows economies in construction (and sometimes circumvents newer zoning restrictions). However, vacant land is usually cheaper to buy. Prospective buyers must check to see if there is year-round road access; existing electrical, water, and telephone lines; and if not, how much it would cost to bring in these utilities. Check out the view from possible building sites. Check that, if the land is on or near a shoreline, it is suitable for swimming,

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21 Marvelous African Inspired Interior Design Ideas

This is a trend that is already many years very popular. Vivid colors combined with earth tones are the basis of this style. Details such as animal prints further emphasize the splendor of the black continent. Virtual masks and wooden figures giving to the space mystical note. The recipe for this decorating style is simple – in the house you should enter the warmth of the sun and sand, but also the wealth of flora and fauna.

The simplest version of the African interior can be done with minimal cost to your budget, all you need to do is set the wall wallpaper African native, rural or animal themes. Another option for editing home in African style is to enter rough and simply wicker furniture with low quality of the surface finish.

Nothing else makes this interior special and unique such as masks from clay and wood made ​​by local

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