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Moss, Mayne, Holl, and more remember the late Michael Sorkin

Michael Sorkin, inimitable scribe of the built environment and leading design mind, passed away in New York at age 71 last Thursday after contracting COVID-19. Survived by his wife Joan Copjec, Sorkin leaves behind an invaluable body of work, as the following tributes—from friends, colleagues, peers—readily acknowledge. This is the first of a two-part series. 

Eric Owen Moss, principal, Eric Owen Moss Architects:

Michael Sorkin,
Where are you?

In sight of the invisible.
Loyal to that cause.

Michael the critic.
Michael the urbanist.
Michael the politico polemicist.
Michael the architect.
Michael the sardonic humorist.

Homeless and everywhere at home.

Educating the educators.

Colleague’s definition.
Friend’s definition.

Redrawing the criticalurbanistpolicoarchitecthumorist’s map.
In perpetuity.
So those in arrears can follow.
If they can.

Michael, where are you?
Eating at Rosa?
Laughing together at the prima ballerina and the qb?

Someone once told us, “the sun also ariseth.”
Just not today.

Love you.

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