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TCL 10 Series smartphone: Strong design, middling specs, affordable price

TCL’s timing couldn’t be better. In a world where premium smartphone sales are slumping, the company best known for affordable 4K TVs is turning its attention to much smaller displays at prices that make the OnePlus 7T Pro and Galaxy S10e look downright expensive. If it wasn’t for TCL’s glorious embrace of headphone jacks, in fact, you might confuse the company’s new phones for competing models costing four figures.

Of the three new TCL phones, only two of them—the 10 Pro and the 10L—are coming to the U.S. at launch. The 10 5G “will be available in select regions around the world later this year,” though TCL does have plans to bring it to the U.S. “for under $500” by the fourth quarter of 2020.

tcl 10 pro profile Ben Patterson/IDG

The TCL 10 Pro is a little chunky at greater than 9mm in thickness.

The 10L and 10 Pro are hardly consolation prizes,

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