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How to Design a Multi-Functional Space

Each week, Mansion Global tackles a topic with an elite group of designers from around the world who work on luxury properties. This week we look at how to create a space that can serve many purposes at once.

In these uncertain times, when we’re all forced to stay in, homes are suddenly becoming spaces that do it all—home school and office meets dining and living room. While it might seem chaotic, an open-plan space can help foster connections and even create the illusion of more room.

“Getting rid of barriers can make a space feel larger while letting elements like light flow more naturally throughout,” said Kendall Wilkinson of Kendall Wilkinson Interior Design in San Francisco.

From rearranging furniture to knocking down walls, follow these tips from the design pros for maximizing your space to its fullest potential in a way that blends function—and form.

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30 Multifunctional and Modern Living Room Designs with TV and Fireplace

Multifunctional modern living room designs with the TV and fireplace can be a challenge. Modern living rooms start with the main functions and architectural features that define the space. Living room designs can be created around entertainment, socializing and relaxation or offer multifunctional living space for all these activities to enjoy alone or with family and friends.

Lushome shares a wonderful collection of modern living room designs that have the TV and fireplace, and look very elegant, comfortable and attractive. Space saving and smart interior design ideas that emphasize the beautiful architectural features are perfect for all social interactions while provide pleasant rooms for relaxing activities. It is possible to turn a living room into a place that all family members and friends enjoy.

Hiding the TV is not necessary in modern living rooms that often look like family rooms or media rooms. You can add living room furniture that

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