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Custom Murals Design Singapore

Painted for “Dollhouse” production at Singapore Arts Festival

Dollhouse Painting at Singapore Arts Festival

Unless You
Have A Great Eye For Wall Painting…

In the past, painting a mural on wall
in your home meant spending many hours in preparation, measuring,
enlarging and copying a pattern or a drawing, assembling just the right
brushes and paints, painting the mural with slow deliberate strokes,
wiping off mistakes and starting again….

Let our Experienced Mural Artists Take


Here, you will discover our new and innovative custom wall
design paintings that will help add that personalized touch to your
home or office.

We are unique because our business foundation is comprised of
a winning combination of craftsmen and artists.

Click here to access our gallery of our past commissioned
work! More


Our pool of dedicated wall mural
painters have undergone formal training in various well-known arts
schools within the region including La-Salle SIA College of the

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Easy Accent Wall Ideas for Your Living Room – Wall Designs Blog: Murals, Graphics, Decals, Stickers

What you put on your living room wall can make or break the whole ambiance of the room and set the tone for the rest of your home’s decorations. If you find the right fit for your family’s needs and tastes, you’ll find that you might start spending more time at home than not. Knowing how to design a living room wall can be a highly productive skill for you to learn so that you can make your home a true oasis or fun spot for guests and family to enjoy. If you’re looking for the best way on how to design living room walls, check out our top tips below.

Get the Logistics

This might be the first step for any home project, not just wall designs for living rooms. You’ll need to first check with any landlords or rental agreements if you don’t own your home about what

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