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Op-Ed: When talking heads can’t compete with their home decor

We’re all at home now.

And that includes the many politicians, reporters, professors, authors and medical experts who are being interviewed about the global pandemic on television news shows.

As a result, viewers are suddenly seeing all kinds of home interiors in the background — but without the filter and perfectionist lens of TV crews and production designers.

Quite the opposite.

Consider Barbara Boxer, the former Democratic senator from California, who was interviewed on CNN about the need for more test kits. While many viewers were undoubtedly focused on the important points she was making, one could be forgiven for wondering:

Why is she standing in front of a large black fridge? And what’s up with the abstract artwork to the left of it?

When I called Boxer, she explained that she chose her kitchen because “it’s the sunniest room in the house,” adding, “I feel very comfortable in that

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