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This Cozy Family Room Is Perfect for Watching the Big Game

The design offers an immersive experience, including comfortable seating and a clear view to the television.

The Project

New construction of a country farmhouse sitting on a horse farm. This family room — the main hangout and living space for the homeowners — overlooks the horse pasture.

The Vibe

Country farmhouse. “The homeowners wanted a traditional farmhouse with a country cottage interior feel,” says architect Therese Noonan. “We wanted the house to feel authentic to farmhouses in the area. We built it to look like an old stone farmhouse with an addition.”

Favorite Part

“I like the juxtaposition of the two main features: the sliding glass doors and the fireplace,” says Noonan. “The sliding doors are 8’ x 16’ wide, allowing the room to be opened up to the pasture and blending the threshold between interior and exterior space. While stained in oak, the amount of glass in these doors

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My Bulletproof Vest and the Illusion of Perfect Protection

When I interviewed civilians struggling to rebuild their homes, in Mosul and in Northeastern Syria, I would ask if they had hope for the future. They told me ISIS was gone, things were getting better, and I wrote that down. They were lifting the remains of a crumbled wall, felled by a missile or rocket or endless heavy gunfire, collecting the wreckage of their lives, as snipers pierced the air not two neighborhoods over. I would report their optimism, and I hated the thought of wearing my PPE while interviewing people so resilient yet vulnerable, so I kept it packed away in the car.

Our ideas of safety were asymmetric. Their idea of safety in that moment was in the absence of something—ISIS. What I wanted was a fixer I trusted and a better internet connection so I could talk to my wife on WhatsApp, eight hours away. I wished

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Bored at home? Now’s the perfect time to pick up a new hobby

We’ve interviewed experts and found the best options to help you cope during this uncertain time. Find all of our coronavirus-related coverage here, and let us know your thoughts here.

If you’re stuck at home due to the spread of coronavirus, the time will inevitably come where you’ll be bored senseless. After you optimize your work from home station and get in a killer at-home workout, there’s only a limited number of shows and movies you can watch until your brain feels fried.

If you’re looking for a healthier, more productive way to spend your time while locked in self-quarantine, why not take the new downtime to try some classic arts and crafts or pick up a new hobby? Whether it’s knitting, soap-making or even teaching yourself a new language, there are plenty of skills to explore. Lessons from MasterClass are right at your fingertips and building cities

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34 Perfect Family Room Ideas



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Two Perfect Layout Ideas For A Narrow Living Room

In our Layout Guides series you’ll find layout ideas and solutions for rooms of all shapes and sizes. This week we take on the challenge of designing a narrow living room to work for lounging and entertaining.

Moving tips – plan your layout

Narrow Living Room Layout Ideas

The Space:  A 12’ x 24’ narrow living room that gets lots of light and is the main spot for relaxing and entertaining.

The Challenge:  Maximizing the small and narrow space to accommodate a comfortable sofa for lounging and watching TV. There also needs to be a dining area for entertaining, but the two spaces should feel distinct from each other.

Idea #1: The Laid-Back Lounge Layoutnarrow living room

Layout idea #1 puts emphasis on a comfortable main living area with lots of small-space seating. The layout creates a lounge-y vibe inside the narrow living room and encourages conversation as well as TV watching. The design features lots of versatile

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How to Design the Perfect Family Room

The family room is one of the most important rooms in any home. This is where the family gathers and spends most of their time together. Especially when you consider the digital world we live in today, where everyone is so busy with their own life and families hardly even have time to see each other through the day, the family room is the perfect place to chill out and spend time together.

Color Scheme.

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One of the first steps to designing your family room is coming up with a color scheme. These are the main colors to be used in the design, and depending on what mood you are going for, the choice of colors can be very different. If you want a bold, dramatic look, choose contrasting colors that set each other off and create a bright, modern look. To keep it softer, use neutral

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