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Remote Control: Design Firm Connects WFH Staff to Office-Based Workstations for Photoreal Rendering at Home

Artists know that to work on high-quality renders and designs from anywhere, you need the right hardware that can keep up with your creative needs.

That’s why the designers at HNTB, a century old Kansas City, Mo.-based infrastructure firm, upgraded to workstations with Quadro RTX GPUs. And with their team now working from home, employees are using remote access to connect to that Quadro power back at the office.

HNTB specializes in visualizations, motion graphics and immersive experiences for clients across the United States, particularly in the fields of architecture, construction and transportation.

To design high-fidelity visualizations for their projects, HNTB requires substantial rendering muscle, but their previous render farm was based on CPUs only. So when the team started working more with GPU-based rendering, they experienced how real-time ray tracing not only accelerated their design process, but also enabled them to stay in creative workflows while working remotely.


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